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  1. Yana and Osiris

    Behaviour drastically changed, reaction to cold?

    Hello paw fam! Osi is now 1y and 4mos old and this is his second winter. Last year we didn't notice any flu symptoms in him, he was sleeping at the foot of our bed rolled into the bed cover, we put a winter sweater on him a few times to go out, don't remember that he needed it home or that he...
  2. C

    My Sphynx has a rash and then I don't know what to do anymore please help my cat

    Hi everyone i'm from thai First, sorry for my English My cat's name is Zilvy she is indoor cat I've been to 3 vet. YES 3 VET!!! It costs me 500$ on average per vet but nothing good Each vet says they are allergies, they are allergic to bacteria, some say they are fungal. But another vet said...
  3. H

    My cat won't stop biting his tail!

    Hi everyone! My hairless cat is 3 years old, and has playfully bitten at his tail since he was a baby. It appears from the outside that he does not realize it is his tail, and will swat and bite at it. The past few months, he has started to be more aggressive with his tail, attacking it to the...
  4. Jasmk2

    Help! Skin condition/ allergy

    Hello everyone. I'm at a complete loss... I'll try to explain as well as I can and add some photos. My 3 year old girl, Ocean, has never had any issues with her skin since I've had her. She was on a raw diet which she really thrived off, gained a bit of weight and looking very healthy as she...
  5. E

    Litter box issues

    Hello all! I recently got 2 female 8 week old Sphynx kittens! They are sisters. One of them took to the littler box like a pro. The other is randomly urinating on the floor and once on the couch. They were fixed about a week ago and the incisions sites are healing appropriately. I asked the...
  6. Stevieraek

    Okay now I need help !

    I posted a thread a few days ago about this, I got a female un-spayed kitten to be a sibling to my one year old neutered boy. So far all he does is bite her and attack her and all she wants is to love on him and be near him. She is MAYBE 2 lbs and he is 10 lbs . The size difference is insane ...