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  1. CandiBender

    Non-ulcerative keratitas

    Hey guys, I could really use some help. DaMinci has just turned a year old and we've been fighting a losing battle for 6 months. My vets ( we've been to three), all believe DaMinci has herpes that is causing non-ulcerative keratitas in both eyes. His eyes are cloudy and one Has blood vessels...
  2. sugarmeat3500

    A Different Tail! Congestion,Sneezing,Mucus...and It's Not Herpes

    Hi SphynxLair Family! My name is Nikki & I have a confession...I have been lurking for 6 years...Yes, head hung low...6 years & this is my first post. I even lost my beloved 5 1/2 year old Sphynx Heru October 19, 2016 to Heart Failure and I still didnt reach out:cry:. Well...today is...
  3. Cinderstar95

    Sphynx with Diarrhea

    Hello all, I am back with another poo post. I posted a few days ago about my kitten suddenly having mushy stools and thought it might have something to do with a food switch. she has since firmed up and is completely back to normal, However, I now have a worse problem! My three year old male has...
  4. suzfoote

    Chronic runny eyes - solution!!

    Hey all!! So my little McNulty has been suffering from chronic runny eyes his whole life.. Vets think it's herpes. He has been on countless meds, eye drops, creams, L-Lysine, etc. And none of then ever cleared it up. There was one post on here that came up on Google.. Suggesting Lactoferrin. I...
  5. treefoil

    Mycoplasma and Herpes

    Hey there, my boy Oscar has eye-issues since i got him one year ago. I tried different vets, and homeopathy. Homeopathy worked best so far but the problems didnt go away.... now I saw a new vet and she told me to visit an eye-clinic, because she thinks its an entropium. While searching the net...
  6. Loosafur

    Herpes? Or? Help.

    Hi everybody. About 6 weeks a go I got to bring home my baby loosafur. Two weeks before we picked him up we got a call from the breeder saying he had a runny eye. We pushed back the day to pick him up hoping he would get better. We decided to pick him up and his eye looked bad. The breeder said...
  7. Jayne89

    Flaking skin associated with cat flu?

    Hi guys, Recently we added a new sphynx member to our family and ever since my girl ( had cat flu when she was a kitten) has been having flare ups I'm presuming due to the stress. In the beginning it was the usual sneezing and weepy eyes but just recently she has developed this sort of flaking...
  8. admin

    Sphynx with Feline Herpes and L-Lysine

    Lysine can also be used for colds or to reduce cold symptoms like sneezing, runny nose and runny eyes in sphynx, not just herpes. See the dosage below. Always see your vet before e diagnosing or medicating your pet. Feline herpes- is one of the most common respiratory diseases in cats. Since...