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  1. N

    introducing Ignacio and Idelfonso

    Hi all! longtime lurker, first time poster! i have a 3.5 year old orange sphynx boy named Ignacio (Nacho). he is my pride and joy. lately he has seemed restless so tomorrow we are going to pick up a second cat (~3 months old) from the breeder we purchased him from. his name will be Idelfonso...
  2. Henrysmom

    Hello! Introducing Henry the Nudist

    Hello my name is Ashley and I became a new cat mom in February. This is my first time raising a cat.....first time really being around any cat lol. I'm soooooo loving being Henry's mom. My baby has grown so much in the last 8 months. Why didn't anyone tell me the kitten stage goes by so quick...
  3. brennabeetle

    First Time Sphynx Momma

    Hi there! I’ve been a huge fan of this forum for a while now but until recently just lurked in the shadows. I’ll be getting my first Sphynx kitten in October and I am soooo excited! (I’ve attached a photo of her I got from the breeder when she was around a week old) I’ll be picking her up...
  4. AbaddonTheSphyn

    Introducing Abaddon

    Hello New to sphynxlair just wanted to say Hi and introduce Abaddon my odd-eyed beautiful girl. She was born 11/9/2019 just 9 days before my Birthday so she is a scorpio like me! She definitely has some traits like one too . Abaddon is my first sphynx and I have never loved a cat so much! im...
  5. S

    Gotcha Countdown! (Dog Advice)

    Hello there friends! I'm a new member who is eagerly awaiting the gotcha day of Aug 5th for my little girl Tykhe. I've been lurking around Sphynxlair for a while and considering a sphynx for several years, but finally took the plunge and CANNOT wait. My biggest question and want for advice...
  6. SnappleSpice

    Introducing kittens to each other...

    I bought my first sphynx (Tofu) when he was ~13 weeks old, and he is now 6 months old. Today I purchased another sphynx kitten who is only 10 weeks old. I had them both in the kitchen of my apartment for a few minutes, and they expressed curiosity about one another, but the new kitten began to...
  7. Anobaria

    Introducing new sphynx to fur babies

    I'm getting my sphynx in a few weeks and was wondering if anyone had any tips on introducing her to the other pets. I'm not to worried about the other house cat... but a little nervous about introducing her to the dog, even though the dog loves cats.
  8. admin

    Introducing a new cat or kitten into the home

    Introducing a new cat or kitten into the home Introducing a new cat or kitten into your home can sometimes be very stressful to you, your current pet residents and of course the new kitty. Here are some tips to help this task go smoother and keep all your pets a bit safer and stress free. Be...