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kitten food

  1. kibaspirit

    Kitten specific kibble vs. all life stages

    Hello, My breeder had my kitten on Royal Canin kitten kibble/wet food. We brought him home with a supply for now. We planned on switching to Taste of the Wild (which is formulated for all life stages), but she suggested a kitten specific formula. I am considering keeping him on this mix...
  2. Schutzzzie

    Kitten food

    Hi there! I’ve yet to introduce myself properly as I have only just put down a deposit on a kitten. In the meantime I was wondering if you could help me with some food questions. My partner and I have adopted a male kitten who isn’t ready to be picked up until March, but we’re trying to...
  3. Cooper Rose

    My kittens not bothered about food

    hey so i got a new sphynx over a week ago, he's very playful and loving! had a vet check up a week ago when i got him and was told he is healthy and well. he was wormed 5 days ago but for some reason he's just not bothered about food! which is just a new problem to me as my other sphynx boy...
  4. Rhianne

    Sick kitten- Any advice?

    Hello all, I'm sad to have to be writing this post but I'm getting pretty desperate for any advice from anyone experienced with sphynx digestion problems? I'll try and keep this short but I think this post will be a mile long. BACK STORY: So we picked up our baby Kiwi on Tuesday 12th September...
  5. darkawaii

    Kitten Diet Questions!

    Hello! My kitten is about 9 weeks old. I've had her for 5 days now. I currently have her free feeding on dry food (~1/4+ cup a day) and I give her 1/3 of a can of wet food 3x a day (7am, 1pm, 8pm). She really likes wet food but dry food she's not so keen on eating it but she will eat it when...
  6. Arichelic

    Kitten not eating enough?

    Hi all! Been a lurker for a while and about 4 weeks ago my fiance and I finally got our kitten! His name is Virokketh (Viro for short) and he's my precious blue prince. I love him so much! I do have some concerns though. He's 17 weeks old but I fear he's not eating enough. He was 3.5 lbs when he...
  7. L

    Luna is home! Now i need help..

    Hey!! We brought Luna home on Saturday! She's wonderful! Behaves unbelievably well, listens (most of the time) she even sleeps in her own bed. She also doesn't mind being in her crate much. We have her bed, blankets, toys in a big crate where she sleeps right next to my bed. My only concern is...