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kitten proofing

  1. Catstuff

    New kitty, first full day in my place!

    Baldwin is finally home. He's acclimating really well, eating, playing and exploring . He is however not using his litter box. I am using the same wood pellets the breeder was. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks also how do I go about kitten proofing.
  2. C

    An Excited Helloooo!!!

    Hiya! My names Chloe, and I am soon to be the proud owner of a little Sphynx kitten!! We have always owned cats and used to breed british shorthairs but I have always loved the Sphynx breed, ever since seeing them at a local cat show. Our little seal point girl will be ready to take home in...
  3. Sarahstar66

    Adventures in Kitten Proofing: DIY Project

    I'm still quite a long way away from Gotcha Day, but I'm using up all my spare time to prepare for Lilith's arrival. Until she gets older and more acclimated to the house, we are going to keep her in the spare bedroom while we're away and when it's time for bed. This room is also the room I use...
  4. Sarahstar66

    Kitten Proofing!

    Our gotcha day isn't until the end of March, but I'm too excited not to be preparing the house already. And I just think you can never start too soon with these things. I guess my big picture question is: just how curious IS your Sphynx? My boyfriend and I both work during the day. He usually...