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  1. Raleo

    Red ring around butt hole when pooping

    So this is random, When a cat goes to the kitty box as pushing out a poop about 3mm of red flesh is on show. My vets seem to think this is normal as he’s bald “you can see more because he’s nude” it always goes back in. Is this common?
  2. zisforzombie

    The Notorious P.O.O.P foot... Poop issues!

    Hi all! I'm new to the forums, but have been an occasional lurker from time to time and am now having my own issues. I have been a sphynx owner for a few years now but recently added my 2nd. My 1st sphynx, is an angel with perfect litter box etiquette, and the other, my newer baby, is her...
  3. kdmotter

    Litterbox Frequency

    This seems like such a weird question to ask, but how often does your cat use the litterbox? Francine typically only pees 2-3 times a day and usually only poops 1 time a day! It's been a few years since I have had a cat in my presence, but this just seems like so little to me! I guess if it's...
  4. Shanebakertat2

    Dobby Pooping Outside of the Box.. please advise!

    So, my normally well-behaved 1 yr old boy, Dobby, has all of a sudden taken to pooping outside of his litter box. The trouble started when he was at my ex gf Krystine's house for a week, when i did some travel for work. She has one of Dob's little sisters from the subsequent litter, about 6...
  5. C

    Bringing our newly adopted naked babies home!

    Hello cat community! My boyfriend and I are driving back home with our two newly adopted 2 year old cats in the backseat! The journey has only just begun for ourselves and Opal and Slayer. Right off the bat they were friendly, loving, and cuddly. Then they were forced into their little carriers...
  6. Zab


    I just have to share this magnificent IKEA hack! It's so effing genious I just have to make one myself! What do you think?
  7. zombiequeen13

    Poop issues! Please help!

    These cats are going to be the death of me! Ugh. There has been three times ever, which have all been recently, where one of them has pooped outside the litter box (each time on the carpet). Each time it is when we are out of the house for a few hours (3-5 hours), never at night where they are...
  8. Gesundheit

    Kitty Prozac

    Have you ever needed to put a pet on prozac? Nym is currently taking it, and it seems to really be helping with her litterbox problems. I resisted prozac for the longest time because she isn't depressed, and I didn't like the effects it had on me when I had to take an SSRI (one year; first...
  9. Brandee in Florida

    Non dusty cat litter??

    I'm wondering what kind of litter other sphinx moms use. I've been having a litter issue lately lol. I've always used fresh step with odor eliminating carbon, no smell! I used to use the clumping kind, I liked it because you remove all of the urine from the box. However it was so dusty and the...
  10. kerrisaysss

    Kitten not does and doesnt use litter box??

    Hey guys! I'm having some issues with my kitten and I hope you guys can give some advice? We purchased a Sphynx kitten in August from a very good breeder and he seemed to have his kittens trained to use the litter box but we did notice that some of them would pee in the sink. Since we brought...
  11. stoneandglass

    Lair Litter Log 2013!

    So all things cat litter have been on my mind lately and I thought it could be a good idea to not only ask everyone here a few questions but possibly keep this thread as a kind of review of litters we've used this past year (possible sticky) so we can all compare, perhaps it could be a yearly...
  12. admin

    Sphynx pooping or peeing outside the litter box

    It can be very frustrating when a cat/kitten starts not using the litter box. The first thing to do is see your vet to rule out a UTI (urinary tract infection) if your cat see is peeing outside of the litter box. A urinary infection can become very serious very fast if it is not treated quickly...
  13. admin

    Should I change my kitty litter brand?

    Should I change litters? Does my Sphynx cat like his/her litter? Is she allergic to it? He pees or poops outside of the box, is this because she does not like the litter? This is a question we have heard too many times here on the Lair so I thought I would put some information out there for...