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looking to adopt

  1. Quinn16

    Looking to adopt a Sphynx baby, located in western New York

    I’m looking to adopt a sphynx cat, preferably a female (already have a 3 year old female calico) but any sphynx would do with the right temperament :) I’m willing to travel (to an extent)
  2. Brianna Janz

    Looking to adopt around Ohio!

    Looking to adopt a wonderful sphynx of any age, and am willing to travel within a few states to pick up. I have never owned a sphynx but have read about their health, coat, habits, and eating, and I am confident that with the help of SphynxLair forums and my vets advice I will be able to...
  3. R

    Hello! New and looking to adopt!

    My Name is Hannah, I'm a 21 year old animal mom, I have had many animals all my life and am looking to add a sphynx into my home. I live in a three bedroom house with my boyfriend of 4 years in New Hampshire. We have both come to the agreement that adding a rescue sphynx into our lives would be...
  4. HannahG212

    Looking to adopt in or around NC

    I live in North Carolina and for the past few years have been desperately trying to find a sphynx to adopt. I do not have the current money to purchase from a breeder. I could care less about pedigree papers as I just want a beautiful sphynx to love and keep me company. I will most likely...
  5. J

    Open to adopting a new family member

    Hello everyone! After much research, my husband and I have decided we would love to welcome a Sphynx into our family. We are big believers in pet rescuing, so we thought we might wait and see if there are any rescues in need of a loving home. They would not only be well cared for, but beyond...
  6. Bmackinn

    Looking to adopt near Ohio!

    Good morning everyone! I've been lurking this forum for a while but this is my first post. My family would love to provide a Sphynx a loving furever home. A little about us: I'm 30, husband 34, son almost 5! We own a home in Ohio, both work part time, and are home more often than not. We are a...
  7. J

    Breeders or Shelters?

    I live in central Florida and was wondering if there's any known breeders or shelters near by that I could adopt/buy from.
  8. L

    please help me find my sphynx kitty :)

    I'm in Daytona Beach, Florida. I've always wanted a sphynx, as some friends of mine from my hometown up north have a few and i fell in love with them. my daughter would be overjoyed as well. please point me in the right direction? thank you, Jessica
  9. Montanna

    Looking to Adopt in Missouri!

    Hello all! I've been on the hunt for quite a while for my first ever sphynx baby! I live in MO but I am willing to travel a bit for the purrfect hairless addition to my family. My messages are open. :love:
  10. xXsarahXx

    Looking to adopt a sphynx

    Hi everyone! I am looking to adopt a sphynx cat or kitten. I don't have any preferences other then that they are fixed. I have been looking for a sphynx for a few months now, but haven't had much luck because they either lived too far or cost too much. My son has allergies and I break out...