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  1. Anita Eccleston

    Fuss pot Cleo

    hi there , I purchased this new little bed for Cleo months ago , her favourite bed needed go into the washing machine ! But I needed to know Cleo would use this new bed first ! I’ve done everything to try to entice her into the new bed , I gave up ! But I did put the new bed on my bed everyday...
  2. Anita Eccleston

    Xmas afternoon ?

    hi there , now after lunch is over washing up done and buffet table set for dinner and evening ... we like to play games it gives the older funny duddies time to have 40 winks And we get the board games out We play bingo with the children with prizes We play ludo Snakes and ladders Frustration...
  3. Anita Eccleston

    Showing love x

    hi there ! Our Cleo is very affectionate she loves her family but loves our youngest daughter Claire bear the best at times I think lol Kiss me Claire bear ! Cleo plays a game with Claire whereas she really messes up Claire’s hair before kissy kissy time ! Then looks at momma and says I...
  4. Anita Eccleston

    Suckling Cleo !

    hi everyone this is my baby sucking on my hand , I really love these special moments she allows me to play with her feet tickle her ears in fact I can do anything I like , as she is way to happy suckling and her purr is heaven sent. so different to her normal purr This is one thing Cleo only...
  5. Anita Eccleston

    Bed time antics !!

    hi there how many of you can relate to this one ?? It’s so nice Cleo allows us to share her bed ah ha Hugs Anita & Cleo xxx❤️❤️❤️
  6. Anita Eccleston

    L lysine and Cleo

    hi everyone , because Cleo as had the sniffles I purchased the L lysine for cats in capsule form So I tried to mix it into her wet food with no joy ! She wouldn’t touch the wet food with the Llysine in it Can anyone help me in how to give it to Cleo as I feel she would really benefit from...
  7. Anita Eccleston

    Cleo kissing Claire bear x

    hi , I just wanted to show these pictures to @JackieMewMew My Cleo never butts heads with me but look how she is with my youngest daughter Claire Cleo totally adores my Claire bear and the feeling is mutual I love them both lol Hugs Anita & Cleo xxx ❤️❤️❤️
  8. Anita Eccleston

    I a celebrity get me out of hereeeeee !

    hi there , I don’t think you guys in America have I’m a celeb but you could YouTube it to get an idea of the programme Now I love it ! I couldn’t do the things they have to do in tasks for food if my life depended upon it !! Spiders , snakes , lizards Green ants , grubs and many many more...
  9. Anita Eccleston

    Toe dipping ?

    hi there , now I have heard of people dipping their toe into water to test the temperature ! Even the elbow test for babies in their baths Now little miss Cleo on the other hand stares into her kitty milk ! Takes a drink then it’s the toe test ? She dips her toes into the milk like she would...