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  1. gianna

    One of my boys is extra oily. Help? ALSO, fav products for cleaning paws?

    Hi all. I have 2 sphynx boys, Albus (6) and Draco (2), and Draco is significantly more oily than Albus. He gets dirtier faster, his ears get waxier faster, and his nails get gunkier faster. Which of course means that between baths (1-2 weeks), furniture and counters get more marks on them. Does...
  2. nikialexander

    8 month old male chewing his nails

    Does anyone else’s Sphynx chew their nails? Mine constantly does despite trimming his nails regularly. Any tips on how to get him to stop? Normal behaviour or abnormal?
  3. Monica

    Nail Help?

    Hey y’all! I need some advice about Kenzo’s nails. We trim & file them 1-2 times a week, and clean them once every week using a baby wipe and some q-tips, damp with Witch Hazel. He’s normally pretty patient during the process. If he lets out a ‘yeoww,’ once or twice, it’s usually due to some...
  4. AshleyRose

    Dirty Paws

    I've recently brought a baby girl home and she HATES when i try to clean her nails. I was wondering if anyone had advice on making it an easier process for both of us. Thanks.
  5. Pink pedicure

    Pink pedicure

    My pink boy. He never struggles when getting his kitty pedicures.
  6. Tatianna

    Split Nails?! Help

    Split nails by Tatianna posted Nov 9, 2015 at 12:38 PM[/GALLERYLong time no post! It's been about 3 months I have had my Sphynx kitten Giza. He is 6 months old now, extremely playful, sweet, but also has a mean streak where he will claw/bite randomly. I'm concerned because almost all of his back...
  7. ArlosMom

    Cat Nail Question

    So my boy Arlo has THE WORST nails.. they seem to never ever come clean and are always hard to retract when I try to clean in the deep folds. I noticed tonight that some of his back nails almost look like they are split on the underside back part of the nail. It looks like there is a...
  8. How to clip and clean Sphynx Cat nails.

    How to clip and clean Sphynx Cat nails.

    How to properly clip and clean your sphynx cats nails.http://www.sphynxlair.com/ - The Largest Sphynx Cat Community in the World!
  9. admin

    Clipping your Sphynx cat nails.

    How often should I clip my Sphynx cat's nails and how? We recommend clipping your Sphynx cat's nails every seven to ten days depending on how much you clip the nail back. We prefer regular human nail clippers. We just clip the very tip so we do it a little bit more often, once a week right...