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new addition

  1. kibaspirit

    Adding another sphynx?

    Hello Lairians, We have had Oogi for about 6 months now and it has been the best thing ever. He is such an amazing cat. We would love to bring another baby home (we have put down a deposit to be back on the list for #2), but we are so worried that Oogi wouldn't take to a buddy. He is super...
  2. P

    Gotcha Day is finally here!

    Can't believe he's finally home!! We're absolutely smitten!! This really is a dream come true and it's more amazing than I ever thought it would be! It's only day 1 but I'm sooooo looking forward to the many many days we get to have with him!! <3 (sorry if I've added too many pics. It was hard...
  3. Axhlxxgh

    A name?!

    I think I may have come up with a name for my fuzzy tailed baby! I pick him up in 3 hours!!!! I'm so excited!!!! I was thinking he looks like a Theodore !? Theo for short??? What do you think??
  4. 3mmy1115

    I just received my first sphynx!

    Hello I just got my first male sphynx yesterday! He's a year and half and not fixed yet. He's very sweet and doesn't hiss my other cats are still slightly unsure but trying to get used to him. He's been home for almost a whole day and still hasn't eaten yet. He's still really scared. I was able...
  5. Kathie

    Hello from Toronto! I'm new!

    Hi all, After lurking here for sometime I finally joined the Lair, and I just became the proud new mama to my 5 month old boy! He was well cared for, but the family's five year old son developed and allergy to him so they had to re-home. We connected and I bought and brought him home Saturday...
  6. Ddungo


    Hey everyone! Today was Simon’s Gotcha Day. I figured I would reintroduce ourselves since we officially have him! After 4 months of waiting and a 4 hour drive, he is now in his forever home! He was so cuddly and napped on my lap the whole ride home. My boyfriend and I are so excited for this...
  7. annaesmee

    What to do over Christmas?

    Morning! My husband and I are picking up our *first* Sphynx kitten at the beginning of December. She'll be 13 weeks when we get her. I've been reading up on here and in a couple of books about what to expect and prepare for, but haven't come across what to do when going away for a couple of...
  8. KruegerandSimba

    Is it normal for an adult sphynx to have black teeth?!

    Hello everyone! I have just rehomed a lovely sphynx boy called Simba... he's my Krueger''s brother from a previous litter... but his canines are black! Is this normal?? Its not plaque. He's eating fine. And the teeth seem OK apart from the colour... apparently he was fed on only biscuits... but...
  9. Shontae

    My furless baby!

    Hey everyone! I never shared any news or pictures of my baby Pavlov (ha ha!) when I got him in November. Since I've got him it's been heaven. I feel like I got my first baby! Of course there are days where he drives me insane but he is so worth it. I'll tell you a little about him: he's a...
  10. Maddie

    Hello From Canada :)

    Hi! I just got my first sphynx over a week ago and thought I would share :). Her name is Astrid and is nine months old. She is extremely loving and cuddly, and is doing well :) I would love to recommend the breeder to my fellow Albertans, but sadly they are not breeding anymore.
  11. Lydia

    Adopting a 6 year old Sphynx

    Hi everyone! New Sphynx owner here! I'm adopting a lovely little (not so little as she's 6 years old) girl in a week and I just wanted to touch up on a few questions. 1. So any tips as to help to adjust her to a new home? She's been living with the same family for 6 years but they just got a...
  12. Deann

    Newbie with New baby!

    I posted this a bit earlier: New Kitten, so many questions! Look forward to learning more and talking to everyone here! This is my new baby, Krypton!!
  13. Deann

    New Kitten, so many questions!

    Hi everyone! My name is Deann and I'm a new mommy to Krypton, an amazing itty bitty sphinx kitty that my boyfriend has just gotten me. I have wanted a hairless cat for YEARS and I have studied every website I can find to learn everything possible about them. My boyfriend, in attempts to do...
  14. Leeanne

    My kittens eyes

    since I've gotten my kitten her right eye has always seemed to want to close. I took her to the vet for a visit and he said everything looked fine and to keep an eye on it, there is no discharge but still she continues to want to keep the eye closed . Does anyone know what this could be from?
  15. Leeanne


    New sphynx owner having a couple issues I hope to fix ASAP! My kitten Rosé seems to be pooping all over our apartment. She mainly poops in the bed while we are sleeping or on my partner side of the bed on the floor . She has also pooped in the closet and an area in the dining room . What's...
  16. Fluffyseti

    Meet Streaker, my new baby!

    This is Streaker. She was born on Mothers Day, 2016. She resides with her older brother WiFi the Cornish Rex.
  17. GMPLAX23

    Signed, sealed and yet to be delivered

    Hi everyone! Thanks to you all and the information in this community, I decided to get my very own Sphynx kitten! I'm so happy! He should be coming to my home in October. I really love my breeder. She is knowledgeable, friendly and so passionate about these cats. She is also very attentive to...
  18. Carrieleigh6

    5 Days!!

    Hi there! I'm a soon to be sphynx mummy-our little girl is coming home on Saturday 7th May-5 days! I'm so excited I don't know how I can possibly wait!! Already brought a couple of cat trees and going shopping on Wednesday to get all the final bits! I'll upload a picture of our little cutie...
  19. BusterTheCat

    We have an official date!!!

    The Gotcha date is set!! Dunkin is booked to be home the night of May 6th!! :D My brother, who lives near the breeder, will be flying into NY with my boy and will be visiting for the weekend :joyful: It will be a full house and lots of fun!! Now that we have an official date, it's all so real...
  20. Luvmisphynx

    HELP! Odd skin rash or bump

    We just just got our sphynx kitten last week. When we got her she had a scab on her back that has gotten bigger and is dry, hard and scaly to touch. It seems to be getting bigger. I brought her to the vet and he was not sure what it was. There is only one but it is the weirdest spot. I have...
  21. Snapcrcklpop

    New To The Breed, Is This Normal?

    I am new to the breed and I just wanted to get some opinions from you guys! My new kitten will be 17 weeks on Thursday. He came with a full bill of health from the breeder and has since seen the vet twice where he was pronounced healthy. I was always under the impression that kittens were very...
  22. newsphynxmommy

    New Sphynx Mommy

    Hello All! I am going to be a new sphynx mommy in december. I am very nervous because I have a 1 year cat already. I love her dearly and I am afraid she won't take to the new kitten or resent us for adding a member of the family.
  23. Elaina

    Getting a 3rd cat - too much?

    Hi all, Bit torn what to do. I've had my female Sphynx Gabbi for a year now which makes her nearly 1.5 years old. I recently (12 days ago) added a male Devon Rex kitten (Oscar) to the family. First few days were shaky but now they're great friends tearing around the house like nutters and...
  24. ashleyhope7

    Any advice for introducing a sphynx kitten into my 1 sphynx household?

    Hi all! I have a one, almost one and a half year old Sphynx named Choni. He is my BAAAAABY! We traveled together to Texas for the summer to stay with my parents and I had planned to keep him set up upstairs in my room at all times because they have three furry cats and two dogs and I was...
  25. Elaina

    Do all sphynx sexes get along?

    hi all, been some time since I've posted here all has gone swimmingly with Gabbi! Picture below for anyone interested. My partner and I have just bought a house so we are eager to get our next Sphynx to keep our little girl happy. (Who doesn't love a playmate? ;)) Gabbi is a year old. My...