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oily skin

  1. invaderjill

    Is bathing weekly bad for sphynx skin?

    Novel is only 14 weeks and we have only had him for 10 ish days and I already bathed him last weekend. Now, 4/5 days later, he already is dirty and a bit ripe. I don’t want to dry out his skin with too many baths, but he hates the baby wipes. They are in a wipe warmer too. He was really good for...
  2. Quincyazzario

    Brown dirty skin

    Hey guys! I’m new here! I just got a baby Sphynx around 3 weeks ago and her name is Ivy. She’s the cutest, wildest thing. Her breeder fed her raw food but I haven’t had the chance to cause I’m living in Hungary, half an hour away from Budapest and the only “Barf” shop is in Budapest. I’m very...
  3. Nbout

    Overbathing Sphynx Skin Cure

    I have recently rescued two sphynx cats from the shelter and am still getting up to speed with their care. I have been giving weekly baths which at first worked fine, but now the more pink girl is showing signs of overbathing. She is collecting extra oil around her neck and belly but also...
  4. Monica

    FIRST Spa Day Advice?!?

    So the ever dreaded, or cautiously anticipated, first full spa day is upon us! ... Maybe... After much research about the breed, I knew I would need to fully bathe Kenzo 1-2 times a month, along with keeping up with weekly nail trims and ear cleaning. So today marks the official one month mark...
  5. Tamsin

    Sphynx boil?!

    Our Sphynx boy gets some pretty epic feline acne, we do our best to keep on top of it considering tictac likes to be a grubby boy! We noticed a lump on his chin that started off like a blind zit and got larger, we took him to the vets and with a course of antibiotics it almost disappeared. It...
  6. How to bathe a sphynx cat.

    How to bathe a sphynx cat.

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