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  1. gianna

    One of my boys is extra oily. Help? ALSO, fav products for cleaning paws?

    Hi all. I have 2 sphynx boys, Albus (6) and Draco (2), and Draco is significantly more oily than Albus. He gets dirtier faster, his ears get waxier faster, and his nails get gunkier faster. Which of course means that between baths (1-2 weeks), furniture and counters get more marks on them. Does...
  2. AshleyRose

    Dirty Paws

    I've recently brought a baby girl home and she HATES when i try to clean her nails. I was wondering if anyone had advice on making it an easier process for both of us. Thanks.
  3. Gemmakitty

    Black paws!

    So I give my sphynx, Gemma, a bath every other week. However, her paws always seem to have dirt around them whether I scrub them or just lather. Baby wipes don't help and I would love to know any advice you could give me. Thank you!
  4. Paws


  5. newsphynxmommy

    O found dried blood on my cats back paws

    so tonight I was cuddling my cat and I felt something odd when I was touching her feet. It was black so I thought she had stepped in poop and it dried up. Nope it was blood because she was crying and when I scraped it away it started to bleed. I have a feeling she may have burned her feet when...
  6. admin


    Here is my submission - this is Athena's hairy little paw shot with my iPhone 5.
  7. SphynxHenry

    Yeast problem

    Can anyone help with suggestions?? My 1 year old male sphynx has been having some serious issues with yeast. Last month he suddenly got bad yeast on his face , neck, chest, front arms, and paws. We took him to the vet and he was placed on antibiotics, and recommended for us to soak him in verbac...
  8. Tale Grude

    Shaking paws

    Hi! It's been a while since I posted anything on here, but I'm back with yet another question! Yesterday Kisa was at the vet to get spayed. And now she will be wearing a protective thin body to keep her from licking at her incision. She isn't really used to wearing clothing cause I only put...
  9. stoneandglass

    Cold paws, warm heart

    Wednesday is feeling much better and is back to her playful self. Since she has been running around to her little kitten heart's content I've noticed that once she settles with me her paws are FREEZING! When she snuggled under the duvet last it wad like she had little ice blocks instead of paws...