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  1. cbearstare

    My Black Sphynx had Drastic Pigment Change

    So I've been looking at this topic on this site and seen quite a bit of varying information. Mostly I was looking at pictures to see if anyone else has had a sphynx with such drastic pigment change as mine. It was like overnight he was 4 shades darker. But this was followed by about 2 weeks of...
  2. A

    Depigmentation? Vitiligo? Or nothing to worry about

    Hi everyone, can you look at this female kitten forehead. She is a03 21 but this pigment or rather depigmentation appeared on her head at age of 5 months. It looks different than her other body markings. Is it vitiligo? It's only on the head. Tia!
  3. A

    Dark spots growing and traveling up..

    Hello everyone! I posted not too long ago regarding some dark patchy spots that appeared on my little boy Klaus about two weeks ago after using coconut oil and have not applied it to him since. I am bathing with johnson baby wash & tropiclean hypoallergenic and the spots do not come off and...
  4. B

    Year long skin issue. Help!

    Hello, New member here. Thought id ask if anyone has had this similar issue. Our girl Nyx has had a pretty serious issue with her skin for about a year now. Started out as darker pigment then developed bumps and flaky scabs where the discoloration is. She also gets very oily and leaves brown...
  5. Draugia

    Yeast? Need help with my kitty :(

    Hey all! I'm new here and I got my first sphynx 2 months ago. I was looking for information here, cause my baby got some spots on skin :( She already had them in cattery, but they were really small and only on her back and chin, so I though its just pigment or sebum (i have chinese crested dog...