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  1. GMPLAX23

    Solid Poo!

    Hit the like if you love solid poo-s! Haha I know it's silly but it's hard to find the right combo for our babies but when we do... it's like we won! It took me about two weeks to get things right with Tut. He's a good boy. I was feeling like such a bad mom for having his tummy so upset but...
  2. GMPLAX23

    Probiotic question

    Is it safe to give my kitten a probiotic before consulting a vet? His wellness check is soon but I would like a solid poo sooner rather than later.....
  3. gwee

    My cat will not poo in litter box

    Koko is three and we rescued her from someone who couldn't care for her. I was in touch with her original breeder and we used the wood pellet litter. She was fine at first then started pooing on the bare floor. The breeder said it was because she didn't like the smell of her pee and to change...
  4. MollysMom

    The Ultimate Poop Pic (Chart to grade poop by)

    I feel like we need a section just titled "POOP" here. Anyways, I came across this on my IBD facebook page... apparently poop #2 is "ideal".
  5. kelsheyyx

    more poop problems

    I think I mentioned this in my previous posts, but I'm going to bring it up again and see if you guys have any experience, insight, or advice for me on this. Ophelia has a tendency to step in her poop - a lot. Not all the time, but about once a week (at least) she poops and steps in it in the...
  6. FionaWade

    Help! Sphynx has permanent diarrhea

    Hello - I have two sphynx cats. One is 3 and he is overweight and one is 4 and is so skinny and has permanent diarrhea. They have seen the vet multiple times - they have always been this way. They eat Royal Canin fit 32. They are getting worse now - the fat one is gettinng fatter and the skinny...
  7. pussiette

    Sphynx poo pics

    I know how much we all try with getting the best sphynxy poo. I know that there is grain free, pumpkin, raw food, faecal floats, vet visits, probiotics, antibiotics etc and other ways to aim for a good poo - and we all say and have ways of describing our babies poos. I think it would really...
  8. treefoil

    Litterbox madness (dig dig dig)

    Ew... Since tilda got better she and oskar made it their hobby to dig endlessly in the litter box. No problem with oskars poo, but since tilda got so much medicine it takes a while til her poopoo gets back to normal. Its not diarreah but it gets their feet dirty when its still fresh and they...
  9. SarahLovee82

    Sensitive Starla

    Starla has always had a sensitive tummy. If she got herself into anything that was not her regular food she would get really runny poo. A few months ago she & Bentley got hold of a bag of super cheap cat food that I had in my pantry to feed the stray cat that lives in the shed behind my...
  10. cherylfawnp

    Dirty Butt Question

    Ok, so I read on a few other threads that almost everyone here says their sphynx kitty gets a dirty butt. My question is this, do their butts get dirty from using the bathroom or from their oily skin? My experience with other pets has been the less hair in that area, the cleaner they stay...