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  1. sphynkles

    Red Swollen eye!

    I have notice my baby kilo has a half closed red swollen eye! We use 100 percent dust free litter, he has no lashes, and no other cats! Im not sure what is wrong and what to do? Please help!
  2. stewardyhoward

    Anus seems red

    Hey everyone my little howard had really dry flaky skin around his eyes for some weeks, it felt dampish. Due to this i changed his food - only without grain (i totally know that it's not good in any cat food, but they just like this brand and i really have problems to change them to all...
  3. Annubrius

    Lip sores??

    Hello SL Crew! Just wondering if anyone has run into this issue or something similar in their sphynxy owning days? I noticed that Nuhn had these little red patches under his lips since day one. Not gotten better, but not much worse either until today. They look a bit more angry. He's got adult...
  4. ElinOline


    Hello! My sphynx Mika has gotten a rash, or more like bumps under her "armpits" and stomach. I have been to the vet with her and she thought it was some kind of allergy. She is her normal self, playful, eating normal. No diarrhea either, just bumps on her skin. So I am wondering if someone has...
  5. chickiewawa

    eye boogeys

    Oscar gets eye boogeys everyday. They are kinda big and more firm than soft. Is this normal?
  6. bellebeen

    Bad to the Bone

    Bones is the sweetest sphynx EVER! His story is so so bitter sweet! and I'm here to tell it. Bones is 2, and was found by my sister on the ebay pets classifieds web site. The woman was asking for $500, and my sister, knowing I wanted one terribly, offered her $200, and the lady agreed. We had...