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#redbumps #skinproblems

  1. jessieandsan

    Please Help! red bumps and skin irritation

    hi. my baby san (8months) has large red bumps in her leg creases, armpits, sometimes back, and sometimes forehead. she’s very sensitive and we have tested her for allergies. i’m feeding her nulo cod food and turkey wet food from blue buffalo (both foods she doesn’t have allergies to the...
  2. Mgulioso

    Sphinx skin rash help

    Greetings. My 1 year old Sphinx Mulan seems to have developed a rash in the past 6 months. I have not changed her food. She gets a mix of purina healthy growth kitten, blue buffalo kitten chicken and rice mix and fresh chicken. Always has. The rash seems to come a few days before she is due for...
  3. Catstuff

    My lil guy has oozing red sores now

    Hello! so Baldwin maybe a week ago started getting these flesh colored bumps that eventually pop and ozze then scab over. We switched maybe 6weeks ago from a poultry based diet to all fish grain free other then that nothing has changed . In the last few days I have been washing him with 3%...