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reduced appetite

  1. gollumthesphynx

    Gollum Losing Appetite?

    Hi everyone! Gollum seems to be losing his appetite. He didn't seem that excited to eat today. Usually, he's all over me around 3-4 PM, but I didn't feed him until 6... and he wasn't enthusiastic for his food. He would usually come running to the bowl as soon as he hears the kibble touch the...
  2. Pohn

    Sudden vomiting and soft stool

    Hi guys! I thought I would share a recent story of mine. Maybe it could help and others could learn from it too. So 1 and a half week ago, at about 3 AM, I woke up because I heard funny noises. My boy was smacking his lips and then cried out in pain. A sec later, his tummy went up and down...
  3. K

    Sphynx loses appetite

    Hi there! I’ve had my sphynx for 2 years now and she’s had a few random bouts where she loses her appetite and will just leave her food in the bowl. Generally she is a HUGE eater so when she leaves anything it is odd. I keep her on the same raw wet food always. There are no other symptoms, she...
  4. maximusprime

    Two year old male - confusing/terrifying health issues, could use some insight.

    sorry, folks, this will be long, but i'm looking for some insight from people who might have on the ground experience with this. i could probably bottom line this, but i feel like the details could be relevant. the tl;dr is that they just found a grade 2 murmur in my boy, so obviously i fear...