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royal canin

  1. byulbunny

    New baby girl (and some questions!)

    Hey everybody! Brand new to this place - and here's one of a few photos to follow of our new baby, Noodle! She's coming up to her 6 months mark and she's an absolute doll - cuddly and affectionate, yet an absolute little monster when she wants to be. I adore her to bits. She's a baby to three...
  2. Jmpaull

    which one for food?

    We feed Niko and Hazel Royal Canin Kitten Sterilized. Its getting about that time to start thinking about moving up from Kitten stage food. I am torn between Royal Canin Sterilized or Royal Canin Sterilized Appetite Control or Royal Canin Sphynx breed. I can get them on the website I order...
  3. Aden

    Update on Nuru's IBD

    In the last 2 weeks, I have gradually switched Nuru's food from Blue Basics to Royal Canin Sensitive Digestion. His stools have been much firmer and I have noticed that he is more energetic. I am happy with his progress so far but he remains struggling with both constipation and diarrhea. In...
  4. MaoSphynx

    Food Question

    Which type of RC is appropriate for a 5 month old sphynx?
  5. Pinkysmommy

    Best Brand for Sphynx

    I recently read about Royal Canin Sphynx, I've contacted every petstore, local and not so local, asked my vet and even called a few special order sights and no one can order this specific type of food for me. What would you recommend as second best? Pinky has horrible digestion problems and its...
  6. Silke

    Food question (Royal Canin)

    So when I first brought Pixie home, she'd been on Tesco's own brand dry food for a couple of days. We had chemical warfare in the bathroom and frequent poison gas attacks while schmoozing. :yuck: It was eye watering. I invested in a few bottles of Febreeze... I was feeding Royal Canin Indoor...
  7. Sphanks

    Feline Hyperesthesia

    Hey guys, So Oli (1 year old sphynx) has been doing these weird twitching freak outs recently and the skin on his back starts rolling and he runs around like crazy. I looked this up and it is apparently Feline Hyperesthesia. Ever since he was a kitten, he always licks and chews his tail a lot...
  8. Dallassummer

    Crystals & Weight Loss

    Simba's had a long journey of health issues lately, he had a mass of struvite crystals and he was a hefty 14.8 lbs. All the vets reccommended the prescription food, with numerous amounts of meds such as prednisone- an anabolic steroid, and dasaquin- a glucosamine supplement, & salt. The main...