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runny poo

  1. Nilda smarba

    Cryptosporidium help!!!

    After months of thinking our baby has ibs and a sensitive stomach to pretty much every protein on the market.....we just new it was something else......so.....we took him in to have a different test done other than just a fecal sample. He came back positive for this cryptosporidium parasite...
  2. zoinks

    Firm up! Pumpkin

    I have recently had some runny poop issues with Alfie even though he is on raw. We think he got into something, but it gave us a chance to try out a new product we bought a while ago from a local health pet shop.... It's called 'Firm up! Pumpkin' and is targeted at dogs but says on the pack it...
  3. skunkfoot

    My days revolve around poop!

    Hi, new here! Just got my first hairless baby last monday and everything has been going great except for the last few days. I noticed he had runny poop all over him after he went to the bathroom. His poops stink really bad and he farts constantly throughout the day lol. He probably poops about 4...
  4. admin

    Sphynx cat with Diarrhea (Giardia)

    The smell! So you're doing your everyday business cleaning the house, or working from home on your computer and suddenly you hear a sound of running water from your precious Sphynx litter box with a horrific smell that literally chases you and your other family members from the room! Diarrhea...