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  1. DobsMom13046

    Prayers needed :,(

    By little fighter has the wet form of FIP. I'm lost and heart broken. I believe he is unable to fight this becuase of his genetics and I'm devastated. Ive only had this sweet boy for a month and I now have to decided when to let him go. :,( We are going for a second opinion before making our...
  2. sphynkles

    Scraped Paw Pads! ):

    :cry::(So, Kilo enjoys walking on a leash, but today, on the way back from our walk, he stopped and started licking his paws! I picked him up and looked at his lil feetsies, only to find that he had somehow scraped his toes on all four paws!! :arghh::(:confused: I took him inside and washed his...
  3. Meggymason

    My kitten has a polyp ):

    hi friends. So I'm writing with a heavy heart seeking some comfort in those who have any experiences with polyps. I drove 10 hours to pick up my very first Sphynx kitten from a breeder and arriving I was told my kitten was coming home discounted because the vet had just told them he has a...
  4. Maddie Anderson

    kitty breeder did me dirty

    My entire into the sphynx world was a bumpy start. I spent more than two months in contact with a breeder who seem selfless. She saw I was a college student looking an emotional support cat. All I have is anxiety but anyone who has gone to college knows stress here is unavoidable. She cut me a...
  5. Lupi

    Sphynx with Ringworm

    I got a new sphynx kitten and she gave my other sphynx and devon rex ringworm(n). They have been on medication for a week ina half now. Wanted to know how long do they have to be isolated? Or can i take them out and still give them medicine? Feel very bad bc my sphynx cried and cries and its...
  6. Amy31


    hey guys, although he wasn't a Sphynx, I just thought I'd share my little baby Conrad who I lost to FIP, he was the most lovely cat in the world, although we lost him a few years ago it still saddens me he was snatched away so soon, I think him and Lucifer would of made the best of friends!!