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  1. J

    Is sphynxkittenbreeders.com legitimate?

    I've only ever adopted from shelter, and I'm not sure how to tell if a breeder is legitimate and ethical on my own. I want to make sure if I'm going to buy I'm buying from healthy and safe breeders! Anyone have experience with sphynxkittenbreeders.com? Their website looks very professional and...
  2. Lunasphynx1995

    Safety ideas for ledges

    Basically my sphynx loves climbing and jumping. Luna is really hyper and over the last few days I’ve had 2 close calls and one tumble over the edge of this ledge in my bedroom. She is okay as she landed 4 steps down. Although my fear is that this may have given her more confidence when leaping...
  3. L

    Sun woes

    Hey all! My baby Link can’t get enough of the sun. Unfortunately I work late afternoon till early morning so it’s tough keeping a watchful eye on him to ensure he doesn’t burn (he is not an outdoor cat). Any ideas on how to keep him protected?! I’ve tried buying him clothes and pet friendly...
  4. flower

    Antiparasitic soaps?

    I was watching Dr Oz the other day and I saw a segment that totally freaked me out! It talked about parasites that humans can catch from animals. I'm not talking about fleas and ticks. (Those have a obvious and easy solution). Im talking about worms and microscopic parasites that may lie in...
  5. NaomiIndelicato

    Rescued and returned a sphynx in January, now owner wants to give it to us.

    Hey there! So January 2017 we heard a cat making awful noises outside (sounded like a baby crying!!!) and went outside to investigate. It was one of our colder nights here in Canada with the temp hitting around -30C (-22 F) so I was very surprised to find a naked kitty under our snow covered...
  6. AshJoJo

    Question about high areas in house

    Hi everyone, We have high ledges in our home where there are areas that look out over the living room. My sphynx kitten loves to hop up on them and sit or walk around. It drives me crazy because I am petrified he is going to fall. I continuously go up and down the stairs to get him and/or...
  7. Elaina

    New mole

    I've noticed my little one has got a mole on her ear? It's very new don't remember seeing it two weeks ago.. I guess the worry stems from her being exposed to the sun, she loves it and unless I move her she would bask all day.. I've attached a picture, will you guys please let me know what you...