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  1. byulbunny

    Questions from new worried mama

    Hey everybody! Loki has been here nearly a week now and he's just a bundle of joy. He's so sweet, cuddly and affectionate - even snuggles up to me under the blankets! I have some questions though as a worried first-time mother - gnawing little things that have been bothering me. With that said...
  2. byulbunny

    New Kitten & Some Questions from a New Worrywart Mama (UK/Scotland Based)

    Hey guys! I'm happy to announce that I'm awaiting the arrival of a little baby of my very own in my new flat - she's a gorgeous little bambino (didn't actually realise at first, just fell for her little face; bright eyes and blep tongue!) For starters, I'm in the UK, so my questions are mainly...