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skin problems

  1. Monica

    Skin Irritation... ahhh

    Hey y’all! It’s been awhile since we’ve posted. Kenzo & Minka are as in love as ever, and are the best of friends! Unfortunately, I noticed a rather angry looking rash/irritation on Minka’s neck this morning. Both my nakeds wear breakaway collars l. I usually wipe down their neck area every...
  2. Fbtreanor

    Chewing end of tail and dark freckle like spots. Allergy?!

    Hi all! This is my first post here! I have been stalking it since before I became a Sphynx mommy in September 2018. My 6mo blue kitty has developed these dark grey, non-raised spots on the neck, back and sides. Simultaneously she has started to chew the end of her tail for quite a bit of time...
  3. C

    Dark spots all over body.

    Every since my Spyhnx cat arrived shes had these dark spots on her. Does anyone know what they could be?
  4. Hillary

    brown spots

    Hello! First time posting here:) but I was hoping somebody may have an answer for me as I've been worried about little brown spots on Normans paws lately. I have not changed his food in any way, He eats Halo organic chicken dry food and sometimes Halo wet food from time to time. I noticed...
  5. BusterTheCat

    Recurring Skin Rash (Possible Allergies)

    Hello. So Buster has always had very good skin and never experienced any allergies. Earlier this month, we brought Buster to the vet because he had bad breath. Two days later, I noticed this rash on his body: I was concerned it may have been because I was using the heated blanket that night...
  6. Susanhughes

    Help! Not sure what this is

    My Sphynx just developed his rash on his belly. Any ideas? I thought maybe ring worm?? Or a viral thing? Lots of new stuff so could be an allergy but it doesn't look like hives.
  7. Mousemumma

    Mum to be!

    hi all, I am a ridiculously excited mum to be in October of my first Sphynx kitten. She will come all vaccinated, microchipped spayed and insured from the breeder and her heart will have been scanned. My main concern is, I have two existing cats who get on fine but one is a Siamese and I'm...
  8. R

    Dark spot on my Sphynx's hindquarters, very worried

    My sphynx-named Bananas-is almost 2 years old and has developed a large freckle on her hindquarters. She is white with grey/blue areas. Inside one of these grey/blue spots a freckle developed. I am really worried about it and wondered if this is something common or if anyone has any experience...
  9. K

    Skin Condition on my cat

    Hi all One of my Sphynx cats has develop a skin condition. He is 11 years old. I have had him at the vet for numerous tests from Cancer Scans to Skin Biopsies. The cancer scans were negative and the skin biopsies did not reveal anything. Both my cats are indoor cats and do not go outside. Does...