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  1. chillinq88

    Cold or worse?

    Hello everyone! I didn't think to put a thread here because I thought it was just a normal cold, but it seems to be getting worse for my poor baby Artemis. Last week, Artemis had caught a "cold" or whatnot. I didn't think of it as much, she's had a cold before and it only lasted around 3 days...
  2. nfaerie

    Success at Last!!

    For those who have been members for a while, you may remember my "Epic Saga of The Green (and white and reddish) Snotty Boogers"........... I FINALLY HAVE A SOLUTION! To summarise 1. Gotcha day, since then she has been exhibiting these symptoms. Within he first week of having her I took her to...
  3. moelleux

    Constant Sneezing?

    Hello all! So I have had my beautiful boy Theo for a total of five months now. He turned four in January. I bought him from an ex-breeder who lives about an hour away from me. At first my boyfriend and I were just happy to welcome him into our life and didn't even think twice about the...
  4. nfaerie

    Epic Saga of the Snotty Boogers

    As some of you members might remember, I have done a couple of posts in the past about Cleopatra SoftPaws suffering from green snotty boogers, sneezing, and choking on the mucus that goes down her throat instead of her nose. 1. Gotcha day, since then she has been exhibiting these symptoms...