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  1. A Little Pumkin

    What colour could be my little Gremlin ? ☺️

    Hi everyone In two months time I will be welcoming my kitten, she is a sphynx and is 1 month old. Her name is Venus, she is really young but i do not know what colour she would be ? My breeder told me that Venus will probably be seal mink/ lilac and her eyes light green. Here few pictures of...
  2. sharonperri005

    Hello Guys Am sharon from Texas

    Hello, everyone! My name is Sharon, recently joined sphynxlair.com forums and I am the ecstatic mother of a Sphynx cat called Karl, who is currently 8 months old. I have been observing you guys for a while now, and I've finally decided to stop hiding and talk to you guys in person. There are two...
  3. S

    Hi again guys i need your help

    Hi again, Guys recently joined forums sphynxlair.com weeks ago . I'm hoping that everyone here is having a wonderful time. In addition, I was wondering if you could tell me whether or not Munchkin kitten get along well with Sphynx cats because I'm planning on getting one soon. I'm simply...
  4. 65B606B9-1BD3-4404-866B-B4B8107C2F96.jpeg


    Doing everything possible that everyone knows I’m here
  5. L

    My Sphynx Cat Having Fun

    Please Like and Share My Sphynx Cat New Video
  6. L

    Does kitty like his new toy?

    Please Like and Share My Sphynx Cat New Video
  7. IzzyG

    Rash on stomach and in armpits

    Our cat is almost a year old. He started getting a rash on his stomache and his arm pits a few weeks ago. It doesn't seem to bother him. It sometimes goes away but then it also flares up out of no where. We haven't changed anything so we are uncertain what it is. We thought it might have been...
  8. L

    Sphynx Cat Toy Time

    Liam playing with one of his favorite toys
  9. Kyla L

    Yuri's Entropion Update

    So I meant to post this a while ago but with planning our yearly anniversary vacation and working super hard at work I haven't had much time. But I should be back to where I can hang out at the lair more often after this month. My boy Yuri is completely healed from the surgery on his right...
  10. admin

    Sphynx pooping or peeing outside the litter box

    It can be very frustrating when a cat/kitten starts not using the litter box. The first thing to do is see your vet to rule out a UTI (urinary tract infection) if your cat see is peeing outside of the litter box. A urinary infection can become very serious very fast if it is not treated quickly...