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sphynx addict

  1. azolivas

    I forgot to introduce our second Sphynx....Lila!

    I completely forgot to introduce our second Sphynx! Say hello to Lila. Born March 29, 2023. Luna now has a little sister however Lila is double the size! She outgrew her big sister almost immediately! We brought her home July 20 and poor baby got an upper raspatory illness and had to be...
  2. ToriEclipse

    Blitzen! ❤️

    Hi everyone! I’m Tori, this is Blitzen ❤️ I have wanted a Sphynx for 17 years and on October 23, 2023, I brought my sweet boy home! He has been a blessing! I love him so much. He loves to play with my two fur kids and he LOVES to be loved! We are excited to learn many new things here
  3. M

    My Young Cat has HCM, and I have anxiety.

    Hey guys! I'm new to the forum, so forgive me for any stupid questions in advance. So, I've been suffering from anxiety since I can remember. One of my biggest life wishes, was to have a cat. I got my baby when he was just 7 months, and I was about to turn 26. He's about 1,9y.o right now. It...
  4. SphynxLover718

    Self cleaning Liter?

    Hi to all my Sphynx family! I’ve been so curious about investing in the self cleaning liter? Has anyone tried it yet? Is it any good ? Also what type of liter is recommended. I love this blog because I’ve been researching all morning in our blogs about what liter is best for our sphynx babies...
  5. PeppermintsDads

    Peppermint The Bougie Kitty

    Hi I'm Peppermint Cleopatra Jones, aka peppermintthebougiekitty you can find me on instagram.com/peppermintthebougiekitty or tiktok.com/peppermintthebougiekitty
  6. Cosmicsphynxes


    Hi I’ve not been on this site long, but I’m interested in following people on Instagram or Facebook as I think there is more availability to see everyones little Sphynx babies. I’m not sure if this is aloud to be spoken about on here and I hope I’m not breaking any site rules! If anyone has...
  7. Asti the calico turns 6 months

    Asti the calico turns 6 months

    She's so naughty she's lucky her face and sad eyes are so cute
  8. André n service cat training

    André n service cat training

  9. Screenshot_2019-08-11-17-02-40.png


    Baby Asti when she was a peanut n newly born
  10. MeadowThorne

    Sphynx addictions

    I just got my first sphynx for my birthday this May. I have stopped my profession of horses showing since 9 and sold them and all my outside animals and dedicated my life to my sphynx n cats now. I have worked in rescue n rehab along with service n therapy animals. Enough about me ! Meet André...
  11. Monica

    Relationship Status?!

    ATTN: ALL MULTI-SPHYNX HOUSEHOLDS: How would you define your SPHYNX CATS’ relationship? Are they lovers, friends, siblings? Are they inseparable or indifferent? Frenemies or nemeses? Perhaps it’s complicated? Please share your experiences with multiple sphynx cats! Inquiring minds want to...
  12. King & Queen-to-be

    King & Queen-to-be

    ...jk they’re altered, but can’t you just imagine the kittens!