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  1. C

    Broken Hearted to Rehome :( bonded pair

    Hello! I have two sphynx female cats - they are a bonded pair. Clea is 11 years old and Nova is 10. I have had them since they were kittens. Growing up I never had a cat or was around cats so I was unaware of my extreme allergies to cats. For the last 10 plus years I have been struggling through...
  2. O

    Looking to adopt a pair (KY)

    Looking to adopt a pair of Sphynx cats, any age, male or female. Willing to drive or meet up. I’m a physician in Louisville and my older sister is a vet here in town. Just looking for a pair to take care of and give a great home! Ollie (859)248-4068
  3. M

    Looking to adopt (St. Louis, MO)

    I have a 3 year old Doberman that loves cats, so I am looking to adopt a Sphynx that is ok with a big dog. My Doberman loves to play, snuggle and is in need of a buddy! I am willing to drive up to 4 hours to surrounding areas to meet. Please email me [email protected]
  4. D

    My sphynx survived parvo, but...

    Hi all, happy to be here! :) so my cat Salem, 8 months male, and I went for a check up at the vet for what I believed was a fever. I also asked the vet to check his vaccines and he told me he is vaccinated against parvovirus, but he is showing all the symptoms (soft stool, vomit, fever, not...
  5. C

    What Should I be Checking for When it Comes to Rehoming?

    As I am currently searching for a sphynx, I am trying to determine the best questions to ask people who are rehoming their Sphynx. 1. I am not comfortable with anyone that will not FaceTime with me & show me the cat 2. I have had people tell me I cannot see vet records until the rehoming...
  6. brokersblue

    Looking for hairless Upstate NY

    Howdy , guess this is a good place to look for a hairless! I’ve always wanted a cat especially a sphynx and i’m finally now going for it. I’m hoping to adopt a mature cat, at least a few years would be good but not opposed to young either. I live Upstate New York with a bunch of land, and a...
  7. Catwaffles

    Greetings! From a sphynx rescuer

    Hello Sphynxlair, I am a long time observer and first time poster! I was the proud momma of a grey boy named Poe who unfortunately we lost due to renal failure in 2021. I do rescue, mostly dogs, but have worked in cattery settings as well. By a stroke of luck 3 weeks ago, one of my rescue...
  8. GizmoRules17

    ISO of a Sphynx in the USA

    Hi there! My fiancé and I are looking to adopt a Sphynx to add to our family. It’s just me, him, and our 2 cats Lyric and Gizmo. We live in a 3 bedroom house in the Las Vegas area, but are willing to travel pretty much anywhere within the US to pick up our new furry friend. We both work from...
  9. A

    Right eye looks cloudy

    Hi guys , i just entered this community , hope i will get some help with my little babygirl , so , her name is Bastet , she is almost 6 months old and in this evening my wife noticed that her right eye is cloudy , i read on this forum different posts about the same thing but i don't know if it...
  10. LvxMagick

    What is The Right Amount of Wet Food Vs Dry food for 6/7 month Sphynx?

    Hello thank you in advance for your replies.. So I have read soo many different ways to feed my Sphynx, also the guy at the pet store seem to be think that I am feeding the sphynx wrong. I came here to finally get an answer to this question? So I am living in Europe from the States, & the...
  11. LvxMagick

    Black Oil From Sphynx getting into Nose

    So I went took my 6 month Sphynx to the Vet to get her shots & a routine check up, I asked him about a problem I heard with the breathing noise I hear coming from her. he wasn't much help, but he did point out that the it sounded like it was coming from her nose. My wife usually cleans the...
  12. marlon


    Looking to rehome 2 healthy GORGEOUS BOYS one litter apart from the same mother. Xo, a 2 yr Chocolate Tabby LilBro, a 9 mo Bluepoint I feel there may be a better home elsewhere that can serve my baby boys better than I can at the moment. My work takes me in and out of town sporadically and I'd...
  13. bumbino

    Sphynx diet, I need HELP.

    I need help with my sphynx. I feel like I have nowhere to go to get GOOD medical/professional advice. My vets only care about money and I live in a small town where sphynx’s are “rare” so I can’t even seek advice from them. I want to know the best diet i can have him on. Nutrition wise...
  14. AlbertoMp3

    Skin changes

    Hi all my baby Juno is two years old she a month or two ago started having this weird rash on her chest and neck and legs. It’s not raised and or bumpy or dry or flakey, or red or open. she does not over groom spots and she does not seem in any distress and is eating and drinking just the same...
  15. CamiJ

    ISO Sphynx, East Texas

    We're looking for a female Sphynx cat, preferably a kitten or young adult cat, to add to our family. We have two children so must be kid friendly. We're financially stable and more than happy to put the time, money, and love into a precious little rotisserie chicken cat.
  16. PeppermintsDads

    Peppermint The Bougie Kitty

    Hi I'm Peppermint Cleopatra Jones, aka peppermintthebougiekitty you can find me on instagram.com/peppermintthebougiekitty or tiktok.com/peppermintthebougiekitty
  17. V

    Poorly Sphynx Cat (Pancreatitis or ...?)

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the group - my 4 year old sphynx cat is very poorly at the moment. It all started 2 weeks ago on sunday when she threw up her lunch (I just thought she had ate it too fast as she has done in the past). She looked to be improving but on Wednesday we decided to take her to...
  18. L


    I have decided to make my little Pablo and Rivero a Tiktok- check it out! Follow and il follow back but lovely to see what your little guys get up too ☺️ www.tiktok.com/@sphynxpabloandriv
  19. D

    Friendly neutered male looking for a new loving home

    Hello! Sadly we will have to find a new home for our cat, Micho. We are undergoing a lot of big changes in our lives and we feel we can not give him the care he deserves with everything going on. He is a great cat and very friendly with other animals and humans. He will need his vaccinations...
  20. L

    What color and pattern would my Sphynx be considered?

    Just curious of what her pattern and color would be considered this is my baby bubbles
  21. chloemcquestion

    Lump in leg of sphynx

    Hello, I’m new to this lair. I got my Sphynx about 2 months ago and he got his last round of boosters a few weeks ago. I now noticed a lump in his leg, where I believe the injection was, but I’m not entirely sure which leg he had the injection on. The lump is about a Penny size, so I’m extremely...
  22. paulmighty69

    skin problem on 3yr old sealpoint sphynx. Need advice

    hello so yesterday the cat was fine. I get home today and find large inflammatory patches on his belly. And just noticed a small spot on 1 of our females back hind quarter. We have a second female who has a litter of 6 who is not affected and neither are any of the kittens i will attack pics so...
  23. Jpick

    Looking to adopt

    Hello there! I hope this thread is active. I am posting because I am looking for a sphynx cat someone may be looking to rehome. I lost my sphynx boy to a heart attack before he even turned two years old. There is a huge hole where his shenanigans used to be. Between his meows and running to me...
  24. D

    Dark skinned sphynx with large dark spots all over?

    Hi everyone, I’m looking at getting my current sphynx/Devon mix a lifelong friend and recently saw this ad of a local sphynx pop up. She’s 2 years old and very adorable. I noticed the obvious discolouration on the skin and asked the owner what they were. They claim they’re just spots where...
  25. AnneBosnjak

    Frequency recommended to bathe?

    Hello! I’ve gotten my hairless friend about half a month ago now. Naturally I’ve done research before getting her. Some say once a week bathing is sufficient and lately I’ve been seeing more and more people saying that a month or even 6 month bathing is recommended. Some people say to let the...