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  1. The Devil Wears Nada

    The Devil Wears Nada

  2. gildedlily

    Looking to Adopt! (we are a couple w/2 yr old F Sphynx)

    Hello! We are a couple who currently have a 2 year old Sphynx named Pru. We are looking to adopt another Sphynx cat for her to play with and to join our family. We live in NY, however we are willing to travel. Both Pru's parents are employed and are extreme cat lovers. Please let us know if...
  3. IMG_0728.jpg


    babies all tired out on this Saturday
  4. RaisinBambino

    Soon to be new sphynx mom

    Hi everyone! I am new to the forums and am very glad to come upon this as it has helped my research for my new baby coming home Nov. 17th. As I am NOT a new pet owner, it will be my first sphynx kitten and there have been so much to read up upon for this breed. Still reading up on what are some...
  5. admin


    Hello world! :po_O:whistle::unsure:
  6. J

    Rehoming our 2 Sphynx Girls - South Texas

    We unfortunately have to rehome our two sphinx cats, our son is highly allergic and we cannot continue to sacrifice his health. They are both really sweet, love attention and love to ride in the car. Breaks my heart to let them go :cry: Both are females 13 months old from the same litter and...
  7. Melishia

    First bath for adopted adult sphynx?

    Hi there, my name’s Mel! Forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong place (says every person making their first post)! Here’s a little background on my new little man. 2 nights ago I came across the cutest little sphynx at the SPCA and I absolutely had to take him home. They said his name was...
  8. Isaly

    Help!! I have severe allergies

    I was never allergic to cats before l. I lived with one just couple months ago, for a few years. I just got my sphynx two days ago and amongst sneezing constantly my eyes are itchy watery and one gets so bad I cant open it in the morning my eyes are swollen as well.went to the eye doctor just in...
  9. Katrina Mahmoud

    Looking to adopt around Michigan or further

    I’m absolutely obsessed with spyhnx cats. I would love to first adopt someone in need before spending over a grand on a kitten.
  10. Brianna Janz

    Looking to adopt around Ohio!

    Looking to adopt a wonderful sphynx of any age, and am willing to travel within a few states to pick up. I have never owned a sphynx but have read about their health, coat, habits, and eating, and I am confident that with the help of SphynxLair forums and my vets advice I will be able to...
  11. Mom just left me for a week

    Mom just left me for a week

  12. sphynkles

    Help! Kitty fell underwater and sneezing!

    My lil baby Kilo fell under the water today at bathtime and his whole head was submerged!! Since then, hes been sneezing!! Help! What do i do?!! Is he ok?!! Hes breathing ok, just sneezing a lot!!
  13. Lumi

    Azrael the Sphynx

    Hello my name is Azrael, and my mom and dad have waited years and years and years to find me and bring me home! I was born on March 21st, 2018 and am the only solid baby from my litter of all brothers! My mommy was 3rd in line and the other mommy's chose my brothers - I was the exact kitty my...
  14. K

    About Sphynx

    Hello my name is Alex, I'm thinking about currently purchasing a Sphynx Cat or a Cornish Rex. My mother doesn't like fur a lot so these seem to be the perfect choice but I would like to ask a question to the community. I've heard that Sphynx cat get oily in general and wanted to know which cat...
  15. C

    I think I want another sphynx, but i don't want to replace the one I've lost.

    Hello everyone :) (and meow to the kitties) I'm 21(M) and from the UK. I don't have a sphynx at the moment, I am currently moving houses, but once I move I am thinking of getting two hairless little ones. I have (kind of) had a sphynx cat before, for about 6 months when I was 15. She was a...
  16. Happy Fourth of July!

    Happy Fourth of July!

    Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday!
  17. A

    ISO Sphynx kitten in or around Nebraska

    I have one cat already and live with a roommate who loves cats as well. Willing to drive!
  18. 3mmy1115

    Wanting to adopt SC, NC, TN, VA, GA

    Hello I'm Emily and I'm currently trying to adopt my first sphynx ever. This is my dream cat and I'm so ready to give a baby a home. I would be the best cat mommy ever! If anybody knows anyone needing to find there kitty a home contact me! I live in SC and would be willing to drive to get my...
  19. Monica

    Don’t judge me...

    To passs the ever-so-slowly moving time until Gotcha Day... ... I went on my breeders FB and obsessively went through her entire post/picture feed over the last 4 years and basically tracked down my kitten’s family line from kitten to adulthood . That’s normal right?!? On mom’s side, I was...
  20. Kyley

    Looking in San Diego, CA for a kitten to adopt

    Hello I’ve been searching for a kitten in the San Diego area to adopt, we are starting to lose all hope:/... praying that we can get a sphynx kitty soon. We are willing to go 20-50 miles out of our area to adopt if necessary. Please help us find our forever dream kitty! ❤️ Thank you all, Kye.
  21. Jedmo

    New Elf Momma

    Hi, I am so excited to be here! I have always wanted a Sphynx and I finally have one! She is a silver lilac elf and the absolute love of our house. We already had a tortie and she was an interesting addition but it's nothing but pure love now.
  22. Kerry Williams

    Skin Problems

    Hello all, this is my Bellatrix, she will be one in April. She seems to have been struggling with a skin issue since she was very young, although I don't remember her looking like this when we brought her home. I am aware it could be something in my home making this happen but I try to use...
  23. Hillary

    Two better than one?

    Hey guys! I have recently been going back and forth on the idea of getting Norman a girlfriend from the same breeder I got him from last February. It's been only him, my boyfriend and I for the past year so we are really his only source of entertainment 99 percent of the time. I can tell he...
  24. sphynkles

    Red Swollen eye!

    I have notice my baby kilo has a half closed red swollen eye! We use 100 percent dust free litter, he has no lashes, and no other cats! Im not sure what is wrong and what to do? Please help!
  25. Catzzzmeow

    Inappropriate peeing/Prozac

    Just thought I would share, hoping to help other members. Our girl Azura has had urinary issues for a long time. She had crystals several times and we put her on urinary prescriptive food. She is finicky about clean litter boxes...we now have 5 boxes 3 Cats and 1 is a litter robot, which...