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  1. Bath Time

    Bath Time

    Mort likes to take baths but had an ear infection. We found a fashionable fix! See more of his life here https://www.instagram.com/mortthefelinefeminist/
  2. M

    Meet Mort!

    Hello! Meet Mort! He is an 8 month sphynx who lives in California. He loves to chase birds, rubber bands, and soup. Here is his instagram if you want to learn more about his day to day life follow him here Login • Instagram
  3. Claudiajb

    Weird brown rash on my boys neck

    Hi all I am started to get really worried about Sid. Over the past few days he has developed this dark brown rash on his neck. At first I thought it was probably built up oil from sweating and it has been so warm this year but he has now started scratching there and the top of his head...
  4. AmarasDaddy

    Sphynx kitten blackheads on tail?

    Hi friends! So, when I picked Amara up she had these marks on her tail. I just assumed it was her skin pattern. She’s traditionally all white With 3 diluted patches. So I just assumed it was her tail patterning. Now I’m starting to think it could be blackheads? I tried to pop one, I think one...
  5. VentrellaJr

    Why Does Mussolini do this?

    Mussolini my 11 month old Does this constantly before sleeping or Periodically throughout the day . Whenever he wants anything he is extremely verbal they constantly.
  6. Aurelio Ventrella Jr. Sphynx Kitten

    Aurelio Ventrella Jr. Sphynx Kitten

    Aurelio Ventrella Jr. Sphynx Kitten Named Mussolini
  7. stephanysphynx


    So my girl had this rash appear this morning. There are only two causes I can think of. She just mated with a new male and I know the scratches on the back of the neck are normal but could they cause her to break out? Her butt/vag area is red and swollen looking. Could he have been sick or...
  8. Andre at Astis birthday hula party

    Andre at Astis birthday hula party

  9. 37C55FD0-A7B4-46E3-A503-F5F394498936.jpeg


  10. Cgrover

    Looking to adopt adult Sphynx OR/PNW

    Hello! I am a college student (with lots of undivided attention to give) looking to adopt a (preferably rehomed) adult Sphynx in Oregon/PNW area. I finally have a place of my own and want to start the processes of looking a sphynx (open to bambino or rex)! If anyone has any leads or knows of...
  11. Frankieyates

    Help! Noisy boy

    My partner and I got our first sphynx kitten Sid on Saturday. He’s such a snuggly loving baby but he is so so loud. He screams constantly throughout the day while my partner is working (he works from home) but even when he’s in the same room, he doesn’t get any comfort from being close and will...
  12. D

    ISO Sphynx-KS

    First time owner, but have a friend with Sphynx and have cat sat and helped with kitty to learn needs and wants. I believe my husband and I could give a Beautiful and happy re-home. Have no issue paying for rehoming fee, or traveling to pick up kitty.
  13. VentrellaJr

    Help .... Vomiting & Not Eating!

    Hello everyone Need some type of advice. Marcello who is eight months old stop eating and dry heaves. I brought him to the vet, They found nothing in this x-ray. They think it might be the new kitten? But This started right before the new kitten arrived! He’s Marcella’s emotional support...
  14. Night


    our old lady Night
  15. Brookemarie

    Social media for pets

    Does anyone have a social media account for their sphynx cats? I kept getting asked to make one so I finally did. Roger the Sphynx is now on Instagram @nakedroger!
  16. New cat dress with my sphynxs

    New cat dress with my sphynxs

    I bought a new dress for a award ceremony for the first assistant living home we visit Thursdays . I love it so much cause it looks like Asti n André .
  17. André n service cat training

    André n service cat training

  18. 20190805_234139.jpg


    Sleepy guy
  19. The Sleeping Sphynx Marcello

    The Sleeping Sphynx Marcello

    sleeping right next to his daddy!
  20. Sphynx Kitten Marcello

    Sphynx Kitten Marcello

    This Sphynx kitten getting comfortable with his daddy & caught with his leg up!
  21. Walter @ 8 weeks

    Walter @ 8 weeks

  22. Walter @ 7weeks

    Walter @ 7weeks

  23. Holding "hands"

    Holding "hands"

  24. Bartholomew

    Red rings help!

    My 3 month old boy Bartholomew has two red rings that I just noticed when I got home from work. One is on the base of his tail and the other is on his side. I'm not sure if this is just a simple rash or ring worm. I'm hoping one of my fellow sphynx owners can shed light on this for me.
  25. Gaily

    This is the most cuddliest cat i have ever owned.

    First time Sphynx owner and Pancake seems to be the best cat that ive ever owned and its only been 2 days to 3 days now. I have never had a cat cuddle this much as much as pancake has. He gives kisses too. He is so sweet. I hope he doesnt ever change. He has such personality and is a good baby...