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  1. André n service cat training

    André n service cat training

  2. 20190805_234139.jpg


    Sleepy guy
  3. The Sleeping Sphynx Marcello

    The Sleeping Sphynx Marcello

    sleeping right next to his daddy!
  4. Sphynx Kitten Marcello

    Sphynx Kitten Marcello

    This Sphynx kitten getting comfortable with his daddy & caught with his leg up!
  5. Walter @ 8 weeks

    Walter @ 8 weeks

  6. Walter @ 7weeks

    Walter @ 7weeks

  7. Holding "hands"

    Holding "hands"

  8. Bartholomew

    Red rings help!

    My 3 month old boy Bartholomew has two red rings that I just noticed when I got home from work. One is on the base of his tail and the other is on his side. I'm not sure if this is just a simple rash or ring worm. I'm hoping one of my fellow sphynx owners can shed light on this for me.
  9. Gaily

    This is the most cuddliest cat i have ever owned.

    First time Sphynx owner and Pancake seems to be the best cat that ive ever owned and its only been 2 days to 3 days now. I have never had a cat cuddle this much as much as pancake has. He gives kisses too. He is so sweet. I hope he doesnt ever change. He has such personality and is a good baby...
  10. Gaily

    Pancakes gotcha day!

    Today is pancakes gotcha day. It is 3:30 am and I cant sleep cause of excitement. We plan on leaving around 5 am to start traveling to our breeder. To pick him up. Will update more when we get him! But here is some pictures of him growing up! thanks to the breeder for the pictures!
  11. sphynkles

    LOST KITTY !!!!!!!!! Update Kylo has been found!

    Our Dear baby ,Kylo is missing! We have no idea how! But he isn’t in our house! We looked everywhere in the house and we’ve knocked on the doors of our neighbours and checked under cars... we can’t find him anywhere!! If anyone sees a bald kitty, blue eyes and pink and black claws (he has nail...
  12. Gaily

    Art doodles!

    Hey, id love to do more art doodles much like this one (this picture is of my sphynx pancake with a third eye on his forehead). Where i can sketch them out and add things like extra eyes and stuff. -third eyes on sphynx's are a favorite- I cant get to everyone. but id love to see your guys...
  13. Gaily

    Normal Sphynx Questions/Answers.

    So i have been studying and studying and studying, but i keep losing all the links and answers. SOooooo I made this for myself and anyone who wants to use it. Feel free to add stuff to this post if you wish! ---------------------- -Info on the Sphynx - Do not to get the FIP or Felv shots It...
  14. Gaily

    A lot of Questions!

    Since I am new to being a Sphynx owner, (Still waiting for them) I have a lot of questions i want to say. Coconut oil, What is it for? Best way to clean their claws? How often do you give your Sphynx a bath? (A breeder told me once a month would be fine. just wondering how often i should.)...
  15. 65B606B9-1BD3-4404-866B-B4B8107C2F96.jpeg


    Doing everything possible that everyone knows I’m here
  16. D

    Allergic to cats - looking to meet a Sphynx in SF Bay Area

    Hi there, I am allergic to cats and interested in getting my first sphynx! I have read all of the related forums about having a sphynx with allergies and it seems that spending time with sphynx cats is the best thing predictor as to whether my allergies will be manageable with a sphynx. I...
  17. byulbunny

    New baby girl (and some questions!)

    Hey everybody! Brand new to this place - and here's one of a few photos to follow of our new baby, Noodle! She's coming up to her 6 months mark and she's an absolute doll - cuddly and affectionate, yet an absolute little monster when she wants to be. I adore her to bits. She's a baby to three...
  18. The Devil Wears Nada

    The Devil Wears Nada

  19. gildedlily

    Looking to Adopt! (we are a couple w/2 yr old F Sphynx)

    Hello! We are a couple who currently have a 2 year old Sphynx named Pru. We are looking to adopt another Sphynx cat for her to play with and to join our family. We live in NY, however we are willing to travel. Both Pru's parents are employed and are extreme cat lovers. Please let us know if...
  20. IMG_0728.jpg


    babies all tired out on this Saturday
  21. RaisinBambino

    Soon to be new sphynx mom

    Hi everyone! I am new to the forums and am very glad to come upon this as it has helped my research for my new baby coming home Nov. 17th. As I am NOT a new pet owner, it will be my first sphynx kitten and there have been so much to read up upon for this breed. Still reading up on what are some...
  22. admin


    Hello world! :po_O:whistle::unsure:
  23. J

    Rehoming our 2 Sphynx Girls - South Texas

    We unfortunately have to rehome our two sphinx cats, our son is highly allergic and we cannot continue to sacrifice his health. They are both really sweet, love attention and love to ride in the car. Breaks my heart to let them go :cry: Both are females 13 months old from the same litter and...
  24. Melishia

    First bath for adopted adult sphynx?

    Hi there, my name’s Mel! Forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong place (says every person making their first post)! Here’s a little background on my new little man. 2 nights ago I came across the cutest little sphynx at the SPCA and I absolutely had to take him home. They said his name was...
  25. Isaly

    Help!! I have severe allergies

    I was never allergic to cats before l. I lived with one just couple months ago, for a few years. I just got my sphynx two days ago and amongst sneezing constantly my eyes are itchy watery and one gets so bad I cant open it in the morning my eyes are swollen as well.went to the eye doctor just in...