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  1. PeppermintsDads

    Peppermint The Bougie Kitty

    Hi I'm Peppermint Cleopatra Jones, aka peppermintthebougiekitty you can find me on instagram.com/peppermintthebougiekitty or tiktok.com/peppermintthebougiekitty
  2. V

    Poorly Sphynx Cat (Pancreatitis or ...?)

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the group - my 4 year old sphynx cat is very poorly at the moment. It all started 2 weeks ago on sunday when she threw up her lunch (I just thought she had ate it too fast as she has done in the past). She looked to be improving but on Wednesday we decided to take her to...
  3. L


    I have decided to make my little Pablo and Rivero a Tiktok- check it out! Follow and il follow back but lovely to see what your little guys get up too ☺️ www.tiktok.com/@sphynxpabloandriv
  4. D

    Friendly neutered male looking for a new loving home

    Hello! Sadly we will have to find a new home for our cat, Micho. We are undergoing a lot of big changes in our lives and we feel we can not give him the care he deserves with everything going on. He is a great cat and very friendly with other animals and humans. He will need his vaccinations...
  5. L

    What color and pattern would my Sphynx be considered?

    Just curious of what her pattern and color would be considered this is my baby bubbles
  6. chloemcquestion

    Lump in leg of sphynx

    Hello, I’m new to this lair. I got my Sphynx about 2 months ago and he got his last round of boosters a few weeks ago. I now noticed a lump in his leg, where I believe the injection was, but I’m not entirely sure which leg he had the injection on. The lump is about a Penny size, so I’m extremely...
  7. paulmighty69

    skin problem on 3yr old sealpoint sphynx. Need advice

    hello so yesterday the cat was fine. I get home today and find large inflammatory patches on his belly. And just noticed a small spot on 1 of our females back hind quarter. We have a second female who has a litter of 6 who is not affected and neither are any of the kittens i will attack pics so...
  8. Jpick

    Looking to adopt

    Hello there! I hope this thread is active. I am posting because I am looking for a sphynx cat someone may be looking to rehome. I lost my sphynx boy to a heart attack before he even turned two years old. There is a huge hole where his shenanigans used to be. Between his meows and running to me...
  9. D

    Dark skinned sphynx with large dark spots all over?

    Hi everyone, I’m looking at getting my current sphynx/Devon mix a lifelong friend and recently saw this ad of a local sphynx pop up. She’s 2 years old and very adorable. I noticed the obvious discolouration on the skin and asked the owner what they were. They claim they’re just spots where...
  10. AnneBosnjak

    Frequency recommended to bathe?

    Hello! I’ve gotten my hairless friend about half a month ago now. Naturally I’ve done research before getting her. Some say once a week bathing is sufficient and lately I’ve been seeing more and more people saying that a month or even 6 month bathing is recommended. Some people say to let the...
  11. B

    Too much hair?

    Hello my dears, I just discovered this amazing platform. I got a 3 month old Canadian Sphynx and Elf Sphynx kitten but she has too much hair for a Sphynx. Her brothers and sister didn't have much hair (only peach coat) but mine has hair on her back, paws, tail and head. Here are the photos for...
  12. Dobs20

    Black spots on mouth

    Hi everyone, I have recently started to notice my boy getting black freckle like spots on his mouth/opening of his mouth they are definitely not black heads as have experienced these before, these look more like marks/freckles. Has anyone experienced this and can tell me what they could be...
  13. E15DD5C2-0CF7-4984-AE3D-90D144DE19BB.JPG


    Tony and I today. Look at those eyes and ears!
  14. S

    Do sphynx cause allergies to humans?

    Hello all, I’ve wanted a sphynx for a while now but my partner is allergic to cats. I’ve looked online and found contradicting information. Can sphynx cats still cause allergies? If anyone can give me any info/advice/experience that would be great. Thank you! Sophie
  15. M

    2 y/o male looking for new home

    2 year old male (born 7-28-19) Sphynx looking for a new home. He is a pinkie with amber eyes, and a real sweetheart. Approximately 10 pounds and neutered. Located in St. Louis, MO. Gets along great with our 7 year old goldendoodle. Unfortunately, we just had our first baby and as I’m returning...
  16. S

    Help! Curious yellowish patches on Sphynx.

    These patches appeared on my 11 month old male overnight. They are rough like a scab but not colored like one. No changes in his diet, environment, or shampoos. He is eating and drinking normal and is energetic and seems healthy other than the patches. He has a vet appointment in a few weeks...
  17. D

    Looking for Love

    I am looking give my love to a new baby. Boy or Girl, doesn’t matter. I am located in Las Vegas.
  18. Natka58

    2 Sphynx kittens LA area

    Two Sphynx kittens feline herpesvirus positive are looking for their forever home. The kittens are from my stud. They developed symptoms of herpesvirus which attacked their eyes. Breeder wanted to put them down so I took them to see what I can do. I have been taking a bit of a holistic approach...
  19. Misty Lee 123

    Misty Lee loveable comedian intro

    Hi! I adopted Misty Lee 6 months ago (she turned 1 last month) knowing very little about the breed, and have become completely besotted. I’ve lurked on this forum for info a lot so decided to start contributing now I know a bit from experience with Misty. Here are some pictures of the hilarious...
  20. MarlisMomma

    My new baby sphynx, Marli!

    Hi everyone! I am so happy to be a member of Sphynx Lair. I am a first time cat mom to my beautiful little Marli boy. He was born on February 23 and is a complete angel. He has only been with us for a few days and is already litter box trained, sleeping through the entire night alone, extremely...
  21. Kjemz

    Looking to rescue/adopt

    I’ve been educating myself and learning about the Sphynx breed for over a year now and have decided it’s the right time to start looking. I would prefer to help a cat that is in need of a home. I have one female rescue cat at the moment and would prefer not to go through a breeder. I would love...
  22. OliviaYong

    Sphynx kitten not pooping

    We bought recently a Sphynx kitten of 3,5 weeks old. We have it now for 3 days. Kumpimook is peeing normaly (3 times a day). But he didn't shit yet. We feed him baby milk powder combined with 30ml water (we change the milk brand, nothing changed). Can someone please advice us what is going on...
  23. A

    Looking for Sphynx Outcross in Tucson, AZ

    Hello! I'm looking for a male outcross kitten. I am in Tucson, but willing to travel! I am prepared for a rehoming fee. Please let me know!
  24. AlbertoMp3

    My cats skin is a bit dry

    Hi this is Juno she’s my 7month old Sphinx! Recently she got these spots on her arms and chest and it seems a bit flakey. I don’t know if she spends the day sunbathing when I’m at work but could that be it ? She has a vet appointment but do you guys have any home remedies ? Should I try a warm...
  25. R

    Licking til he bleeds...but why??

    So I’ve had Sphynx for over 15 years, started with one and now have four. Out of all four of them only one is an obsessively licking himself. He’s got scabs/rawness on all four legs right now. I’ve tried everything, changed his diet, shampoo, and laundry detergent. He does not wear sweaters or...