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  1. Wednesdaysmum

    My boy is 5 months and I'm getting him neutered

    Hey Friends and Felines My little boy Wednesday is getting desexed on Monday, I'm worried about him and would like to know if anyone has an unneutered male cat and if there are real complications and behaviour issues that arise from not going through with the operation. He is an indoor only...
  2. Smelsiemarie

    Female Spraying

    Hi, I have two female sphynx kitties and one of them has started spraying in the house. It doesn’t seem to be in one particular area. It’s completly disgusting and I desperately need it to stop. Her diet is the same, vet ruled out any urine infections, no new changes, and both of my cats are...
  3. M

    New to Forum/male studs

    Hi, my name is Marti and I'm a sphynx mom to Hank; 2yrs old, Vladimir; 1yr old, and newly adopted Sirius Black...our stud...he's only 14 weeks, he's still a stud in progress. I've never bred cat's before, so my question is, how do non-nueterd males act differently than nueterd males: ie...
  4. KitKat121

    Hyperactive sphynx and neutering

    Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I've been on this thread but Grimley and I have been busy having fun! We hope all is well with everyone and their little loves. I'd post pics of my adorable guy but I'm having a hard time on my phone. Anyways, the reason I started this thread is because...
  5. Olafthesphynx

    Help! My sweet Olaf keeps peeing on my bed...

    Hello, My name is Stephanie. I adopted a sphynx cat named Olaf, he is about 9 months old right now. About 3 weeks ago someone closed the door to the closet where his litter box was kept and he peed on our bed. (I think because he couldn't access his and really had to go!). But since then he has...
  6. J

    Want to breed. But can't handle spraying!

    Im a new sphynx mama to an adorable kitty boy who's just a little over a year and I want to breed him but dunno how to go about that and how to find someone or anything at all. He sprays my house down and if drives me bonkers! I am about to just say screw it and get his junk cut off!! Any advice???