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  1. Monica

    Boys Suck??

    Hola Lairians! Does your sphynx suck?? ... Kenzo has serious suckling tendencies. It’s not quite to the point of a ‘compulsive behavior,’ but it’s definitely a habit. He mainly does it before he goes to sleep every night, or if he’s feeling especially affectionate during the day. I’ve noticed...
  2. Catstuff

    Kitten suckling and kneading.

    So last night we got ready for bed and Baldwin started kneading my belly and purring, then he started suckling on my skin hahaha for me it's really uncomfortable. I did read a bit about it. And it can happen if the kitten was taken too early from mommy. I picked him up at 11weeks and my...
  3. Sphanks

    Sucking on himself?

    Hey there! I recently adopted my first sphynx cat (he is now 4 months old and a week or so) and he sucks on himself like he's nursing his mother. He does this every day before he falls asleep and sometime I think he is even asleep and still doing it. I know this can be a sign of being taken...
  4. siouxsie

    need a little help

    Hello all, just wondered if anyone can help, I have read a couple of posts regarding 'blackheads' but thaught as i have 2 problems I would post here. firstly our sphynx Cecil is about half a year old and he has two problems. The first being a servere case of blackheads.. and Im not just...