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  1. O

    Plaque and tartar buildup with red, sensitive inflamed gums.

    Hi, is there any safe, natural dental chews that can be used to treat plaque and tartar build-up and even red, sensitive inflamed gums where the plaque and tartar build-up is? Or any gels that will sooth the red, sensitive inflamed gums? Should I try and brush where the tartar and plaque is to...
  2. kibaspirit

    Sphynx Swag Suggestions

    Hello all, I will be taking my baby home sometime around April 13th and I am beginning to pick stuff out and place orders. I'm not going to go too crazy until I get to know my boy and his preferences, but I will need some basics. Not gonna get any clothes just yet since he will grow like a...
  3. Maddie

    Kibble Suggestions / Rant

    Back to needing a new kibble, all because of the vet suggested food. So, Astrid has lost the weight she had to use, so the vet (different than the one I normally see, this one is the cat-specific one) suggested I feed a Science Diet dental care t/d along with the RC calorie control... I told...
  4. Maddie

    Favourite Recipes?

    So I'm trying to figure out new things to cook lol tryin to be adventurous for once. I'm a horrible picky eater but I will try new things at least! But pinterests avocado toast and weird looking internet fad food are not too interesting. So what is your guys' favourite meal and recipes?
  5. Maddie

    Suggestions for Removing Oil Stains

    So, Astrid has stained my sheets. Apparently pushing the bath two days was a bad idea lol new food makes her so dirty, but it fixed everything else. Merg. She's off the gastro one and onto a calorie one now so hopefully that switch helps :) My sheets have been washed twice and treated with two...
  6. Maddie

    Automatic Feeder Suggestions

    Hi! Since Astrid is now on a diet, she has certain times she likes her food now. So to keep this when my school schedule changes, I am looking into an automatic portion/feeder that allows me to pick times for four meals, and measures in tablespoons. Would love some suggestions! My budget is...
  7. Maddie

    Tricks For Getting Kitties To Eat Wet Food

    So, the vet wants Astrid to eat wet food 1-2 times a week just incase she ever has kidney problems and that is all she can eat. He's had too many cats refusing to eat so he rather get all kitties used to it just to be safe. I have tried three different meats so far (salmon, venison and...
  8. Maddie

    Wet Food Suggestions

    Hi I'm just wondering what wet food everybody feeds their babies? The vet wants me to feed her some 1-2 times a week just so she is used to it if she ever had to eat it (if she got sick or whatnot). I'm not worried about feeding her more wet then the vet suggests as she does drink a TON of...
  9. Deann

    Newbie with New baby!

    I posted this a bit earlier: New Kitten, so many questions! Look forward to learning more and talking to everyone here! This is my new baby, Krypton!!
  10. GMPLAX23

    Pet insurance- do you have it?

    I don't know if I really need kitten insurance but I wanted to ask the pros LOL. Do you have it? Would you suggest it? What plans are best? I've been doing a lot of reading but I'm still not sure. Especially when there is no routine coverage.... that seems silly to me. Help!
  11. GMPLAX23

    New Kitten Questions- SUGGESTIONS

    Hi everyone I am getting ready for my Kitten to come home and I am buying things for his homecoming! I don't want to get too overzealous. I have been looking at cat trees and travel carriers. -Should I invest in a cat tree before he comes home? I'd like to see if he likes to climb UP before I...