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  1. Misty Lee 123

    Sphynx tan?

    I know the topic of Sphynx, the sun, skin discolouration comes up a lot but I haven’t seen this exact question. Does anyone’s Sphynx get a tan in the sunnier/warmer months? It has recently transitioned to becoming very sunny and warm where I live and my 18mo Sphynx has developed slight ‘tan’...
  2. L

    Sun woes

    Hey all! My baby Link can’t get enough of the sun. Unfortunately I work late afternoon till early morning so it’s tough keeping a watchful eye on him to ensure he doesn’t burn (he is not an outdoor cat). Any ideas on how to keep him protected?! I’ve tried buying him clothes and pet friendly...
  3. P

    Mysterious White Bumps

    My baby Nayls is almost 4 and I've noticed these raised bumps above his skin. We've taken him to the vet, and they said that it was nothing to worry about. We've tried squeezing them and nothing comes out. He's not annoyed by them, doesn't scratch at them, or pick at them. The've just been...
  4. Anansi

    Sun Safety Questions

    Hey, My partner and I are finally in a position to be able to add a Sphynx into out small family at the start of the new year and I am doing as much research into their care as possible, because it's the only thing keeping me sane while I wait haha. My main question was for sun safety since I...
  5. Maxx Kathleen

    Black speckles?

    Hello everyone! I'm new here so please bare with me in regards to trying to figure out replies and whatnot. My 2 year old not-entirely hairless baby has a problem. He has these little black spotches on his neck (front and back). They aren't bothering him that I can tell. I recently added a wet...
  6. Maddie

    Astrid's Catio: tether line ☀️

    So I came up with a cheap, and removable solution so Astrid can be outside by herself. In total it cost me 5$ and it allows her to go all over the patio and no be able to get out. I live on the third floor technically, so cannot have her getting curious and trying to wiggle under the bars. So...
  7. Maddie

    Astrid's Adventures: Sun Tanning

    So it's decent weather today, and Astrid wanted to go outside lol she proceeded to lounge around and roll. The cement blocks get pretty warm so I'm assuming that's why She can't be allowed out yet alone: don't need a suicide jumping cat through the bars, so have to figure something out. She's...
  8. Snapcrcklpop

    Sun Screen

    My boy LOVES to go outside and I'm pretty careful not to let him get too much sun. I want to get him one of those thin uv reflective suits to wear but I need to wait until he's finished growing. Do any of you use pet sunscreen on your kitties? What brand do you recommend? Feel free to link me to...
  9. summertime sadness

    summertime sadness

    all he wants to do is stay outside on the balcony, but he's just too delicate out there