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  1. Monica

    Hats on Cats?? (SEND dressed NUDES)

    Full Monty or Dapper Dan?? Do you dress up your sphynx, or prefer a fully nude, nude? Did your sphynx take to clothing easily, or was it a transition? Please share your experiences dressing, or failing to dress, your naked babies! Brand recommendations wanted. Pictures of your sphynx in...
  2. Annejo12

    Cat clothes

    Hi everyone: Just a general question wanting to know where you purchase your cat clothes. Any decent websites? Our pet stores only have dog clothes and none of them seem small enough for Raphael. We are having a deep freeze in Canada right now and although Raphael seems to be fine with...


  4. carly gail

    Where do you get your sweaters for your baby?

    Hi! Was hoping some of you could share your favorite Sphynx sweaters, brands, stores you've had luck in, etc! Pictures of the cuties welcome :)
  5. LucilleBald

    Food, Sweaters, and heated bed questions. HELP:)

    Hey guys! So as the weather is getting colder here in Nebraska, so is the house I live in. It is super old and all hard wood floors. We try and keep the heat up but in all honesty the house is so old that the vent systems really suck. I know that you aren't supposed to leave clothing on pets...
  6. Nudie Patootie

    Christmas Clothes

    www.SphynxNudiePatootie.com Christmas is just around the corner and we have just finished listing our 2015 Christmas Collection! There are limited quantities in each size and when they are gone...they are gone! Make sure to take advantage of our free shipping domestically and flat rate...
  7. Nudie Patootie

    Halloween Clothes

    www.SphynxNudiePatootie.com Who is ready for Halloween? We have had so many requests for more Halloween Shirts, we wanted to let you know that we still have some Halloween inventory! Fleece witches and several one of a kind tshirts from Peanut through Lots to Love sizes! Tons of vibrant color...
  8. Nudie Patootie

    Sphynx Cat Clothing

    Hello from the Nudie Mamas (aka Michelle and Jessica)! It is so nice to see so many of our friends here from Instagram--many of you know us as @SphynxNudiePatootie We are a mother daughter team, and between the two of us, own four sphynx cats! In the fall of 2013, we brought home our very...