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  1. sigridur

    Toe problems :(

    So my little guy is having quite the problem.. There's something wrong with a 2 toes on each front leg! Thing is that they are getting very dirty, and he obviously hurts when I clean them(this is the area around the nail) there used to be only 2 toes, but I went to spain for 2 weeks and he...
  2. M

    swollen nipple

    My 5 year old sphynx has a swollen nipple. I just noticed it when giving him his bath. Does this normally happen or is it something to be worried about? Please help with any suggestions if you know what's going on. Thanks My five year old male sphynx has a swollen nipple. I can't tell if its a...
  3. Dallassummer

    Raw Eyelid

    Simba's eye is taking another beating, third time this year. This time it looks weird. I don't know what's wrong with his poor eyes but every few months they inflame and swell. I attached pictures of what it looks like today. Last time he started sneezing and his eye swelled like the last time...
  4. Tiffany_Kay

    OMG I think her tail is broken!

    I'm not sure when or how but I noticed tonight that Izzy's tail had a "kink" in it and it swollen. She can still move her tail but she doesn't want me to touch it. We are going to the vet first thing in the morning. I'm crying I'm so upset. She fell off her cat tree two days ago, and I think it...