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  1. Anita Eccleston

    Fuss pot Cleo

    hi there , I purchased this new little bed for Cleo months ago , her favourite bed needed go into the washing machine ! But I needed to know Cleo would use this new bed first ! I’ve done everything to try to entice her into the new bed , I gave up ! But I did put the new bed on my bed everyday...
  2. Anita Eccleston

    Who me ? Nooo never momma !!

    hi there , our Cleo was up to no good over the holidays she tried so hard to pinch the children’s chocolates ah ha but big momma was on her case !!!! These smell sooo good momma please !! Awe momma go on please !!! Above checking the gaff out seeing who is around No momma just having...
  3. Anita Eccleston

    Travel sickness

    hi there , we need some advice we go our place in the lakes as often as we can Cleo hasn’t been away from me since the day she adopted me ( I am disabled and don’t actually go out just exchanging one set of four walls for another lol ) So Cleo was sick the first time we took her she was fine on...
  4. Anita Eccleston

    Colour change ?

    Hi there happy new year to everyone ! Now down to business When Cleo adopted me she was pink all over with very pale blue patches up and down her body I shall show you what I mean now a real beauty Can you see what I mean ? As Cleo got a little older these blue patches Became a darker shade...
  5. Anita Eccleston

    I know this to be true !!!

    I did learn this the hard way !! Even some dogs also So true my Cleo loves to hunt plants ! Warrior princess Cleo ! Hugs Anita & Cleo xxx❤️❤️❤️
  6. Anita Eccleston

    It’s only a winters ( cat tail )

    hello there , everyone I love our special minuets together with my Cleo , I was stroking Cleo and I always go from neck to end of her tail . First time I’ve realised this ( I’m not very bright ah ha ) Cleo as a purrrrfect straight spine and I love her tail lol BUT where her spine and tail meet...