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  1. Oliver1992


    Good morning everybody! My poor boy is constipated. He’s currently fed wet and dry royal canin food He’s always been fine on this. Every mow and then he may go for a day without a poop, this time he’s not been for two days. He has a vet appointment today in an hour or so but just wondered if...
  2. Sharnsphynx

    Toilet problems!

    Hi guys, so we’ve had our boy nearly 3 weeks now, he’s about 17 weeks old! He’s good as gold except for one issue. He’s began pooping on the furry rug. He is toilet trained and this has only become an issue in the last couple of weeks, the first week or so he used the trays fine. Had the vet...
  3. SphynxCatCarl


    Another topic I wanted to post about is toilet training...has anyone tried and/or been successful at this? My NaKid is too young for it still but I have the "LitterKwitter" in my amazon cart as soon as I feel he is big enough. I already have his litter box next to the toilet and plan on raising...
  4. K

    Toilet training outside?

    Hi, this is my first time posting here. I am a very experienced pet owner and have owned many dogs, cats, reptiles, horses and farm animals and I live in England. I’m seriously considering purchasing a Sphynx but I have one question - is it possible to train a Sphynx to go to the toilet outside...
  5. Princesse Peche

    Toilet trained cat!

    Hi, do any of you have toilet trained their cat? I notice something quite amusing this week, my cat has been toilet trained for 3 years now and I think she "understand" the concept of it... The concept of flushing. She started drinking from the toilet (wich is common I think) but of course only...