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  1. SphynxCatCarl


    Another topic I wanted to post about is toilet training...has anyone tried and/or been successful at this? My NaKid is too young for it still but I have the "LitterKwitter" in my amazon cart as soon as I feel he is big enough. I already have his litter box next to the toilet and plan on raising...
  2. K

    Toilet training outside?

    Hi, this is my first time posting here. I am a very experienced pet owner and have owned many dogs, cats, reptiles, horses and farm animals and I live in England. I’m seriously considering purchasing a Sphynx but I have one question - is it possible to train a Sphynx to go to the toilet outside...
  3. Princesse Peche

    Toilet trained cat!

    Hi, do any of you have toilet trained their cat? I notice something quite amusing this week, my cat has been toilet trained for 3 years now and I think she "understand" the concept of it... The concept of flushing. She started drinking from the toilet (wich is common I think) but of course only...