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training questions

  1. Nimbus2022

    Any good harness for kittens?

    Hi all! We have had little Nimbus for a week now! We want to start harness training him so he can walk on a leash. I have bought two so far specifically for kittens, in the smallest sizes. However they are both too big for him! So big that it almost trips him up and he can take his legs out of...
  2. Kawiipops

    Adoted 1yr old aggressive/unsocialized

    Hi, any help really appreciated. Last year we sadly lost our 2 boys who we had from kitten, we decided it was time to adopt a new boy. We found Yoshi a very large 1year4 month old sphynx and decided we'd love him to join our family. We were told he lived with 2 dogs which he found stressful and...
  3. Wednesdaysmum

    Seeking advice from successful litter quitters

    Hey there friends, I am seeking advice from any sphynx parents who have successfully toilet trained their sphynx using litter quitter or similar products. We have had Wednesday now for 7 months and are on our third attempt. On the first occasion he suffered constipation when we entered the...
  4. K

    Toilet training outside?

    Hi, this is my first time posting here. I am a very experienced pet owner and have owned many dogs, cats, reptiles, horses and farm animals and I live in England. I’m seriously considering purchasing a Sphynx but I have one question - is it possible to train a Sphynx to go to the toilet outside...
  5. Monica

    BAD Table Manners: training help

    We've had Kenzo for 2 weeks now, and he has been everything I had hoped, and more! He is so well behaved the majority of the time, so cuddly and sweet, so great with my 9 month old daughter and my 2 dogs.... Only issue is, he has HORRIBLE table manners.:arghh: When Hubs and I are eating, he is...