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  1. flower

    Antiparasitic soaps?

    I was watching Dr Oz the other day and I saw a segment that totally freaked me out! It talked about parasites that humans can catch from animals. I'm not talking about fleas and ticks. (Those have a obvious and easy solution). Im talking about worms and microscopic parasites that may lie in...
  2. Appleslolo

    Worms in newly adopted sphynx

    i think the owner forged her documents that said she just got an exam and everything was negative I watched her take her first bowel movement once she was here and I saw three little worms the size and shape of rice, and alive. She's thrown up once also. Her ears had dirt on the outside and a...
  3. Xandria

    Deworming Protocols

    A friend is a vet tech and has given me some information regarding deworming, which has given me pause for consideration. I'm hoping for some feedback in relation to what you know, have done, our nakeds etc. Thanks much. What do you use and how often do you deworm? My friend claims that at...