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yeast infection

  1. D

    Help! Black dots all over my boys stomach

    Always something new with my boy I’m not quite sure what this is. This is AFTER two baths, one with Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo and scrubbing with a mit, he used j&j his whole life, he’s 2 years old now. Then when I noticed this, I made him sit with a prescription shampoo on for a bit then...
  2. JessyCat

    Skin Patches

    Hi there! Just wondering if anyone else’s Sphynx gets these weird dark patches. They’re located primarily on her belly in the leg folds-armpits. I’ve tried coconut oil with no luck. It’s seems periodic where its really dark and other days hardly noticeable. Not sure if this is just her...
  3. Marerickson

    Help!!! Spots by the bum!

    zhuri recently got these spots by her bum! I cleaned her butt extra good yesterday and when got home from work this afternoon it was worse! I just cleaned her against her will so the pictures arent as bad as it was before but can someone please tell me what this is?! We have an appointment at...
  4. Nicolemorgan

    Cat Litter

    We currently use Worlds Best Cat litter. We have no issues at all with it, and the sphynx cats use it no problem, and we find that it's not too bad with dust and good for clumping etc. The reason I put up this post, is I see some people mentioning yeast infections that are associated with the...
  5. Pauliina

    Yeast infection and Malaseb?

    Hello! I'm new to this community (and not an native English speaker so pardon my language mistakes). I have really bad skin problems with my kitty. This is my third sphynx but I've never seen anything like this before. The problem was there right away I guess. The baby was shaking his legs...
  6. Draugia

    Yeast? Need help with my kitty :(

    Hey all! I'm new here and I got my first sphynx 2 months ago. I was looking for information here, cause my baby got some spots on skin :( She already had them in cattery, but they were really small and only on her back and chin, so I though its just pigment or sebum (i have chinese crested dog...
  7. zombiequeen13

    Smelly ears??

    This is weird, but our newest baby has smelly ears. lol They are not horribly dirty, but even after I have cleaned her ears they smell funny. I thought it was all in my head at first, until my husband brought it up to me. Anyone know what it might be?
  8. dpannell

    Litter & Yeast Issues

    We have had Sookie & Tara since November 2010. The breeder we got the kittens from uses World's Best Cat Litter (WBCL) - Multi-Cat. So, we did, too. I intially noticed within the first couple of weeks after getting the girls, they would be "dirty" the day-after their baths...rusty on their...