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  1. Nic4549

    Diarrhea in my sweet Cleo

    I am having problems with my little Cleo. She has had water like poop for a week. 2 vet visits, 2 rounds of worm meds, probiotics, topical medication for her red bottom, a food change (vet prescription which we did slowly) and now being treated for giardia (after I demanded the vet test her)...
  2. Lanuesphynx

    Clean in between baths

    Hi there! Quick question for all you sphynx lovers! How do ya'll keep your sphynx clean in between baths without drying out their skin?? I try to only bathe them once a month due to already having relatively dry skin. Also, what are some tricks to help with dry skin? I've heard olive oil...
  3. LuxorInTheNude

    Introducing Quest!

    Meet Quest! Quest joined my little family just over a month ago. I adopted him from a breeder to honor the memory of Luxor, whom I lost in the beginning of January due to unknown causes. Quest has brought me back to life! He brings so much love, joy, and laughs with his wild antics, sweet...
  4. Anita Eccleston

    Age weight for neutering ??

    Hello there everyone , I just been on the phone with Mr Johnson our vet The poop test came back clear , I thought I was being interviewed for mastermind ! I couldn’t even pronounce the words he was saying let alone have a clue what the heck he was on about ah ha but basically all is well the...
  5. Anita Eccleston

    His he hiding it ???

    hi everyone , when Bagins as finished eating he paws around his bowl , like he is covering it ( like if he was covering his wee wee or poop ) Do you think in his mind he is hiding what bit he leaves until later ? He was skin and bone when he arrived ! My vet said it was possible he was the...
  6. Anita Eccleston

    New bed for me whoop whoop !!!

    Hello everyone ! Momma bought me a new bed because Mr Bagins kept jumping on the top of my other one ( sometimes I was even in side !! I say with a longggg sigh ) I must say it is a really nice new bed very well padded , and much bigger than the other ! But the other was comfy when just I was...
  7. Anita Eccleston

    Silly question again !!

    hi there , this is one for the forum staff moderates etc I’ve been scrolling down the page and come across a Paypal donation thingie me bob ? Would you tell me what it’s for and how it works as if it’s to maintain the site or what ever I would like to donate So could you please explain it all...
  8. Anita Eccleston

    Breeders uk side of the pond

    hi there I was wondering do we have any uk breeders on our forum ? Or any uk members who know of good breeders ? I’ve search the sites here and most have to come from Poland , I missed out on one then found another , but they wanted a bank transfer wouldn’t accept payment via Paypal though I did...