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  1. R

    ISO Sphynx Kitten (Houston)

    Looking for kitten or young Sphynx available for adoption or rehoming in Houston, TX or surrounding areas.
  2. K

    Looking to adopt a kitty (any age)

    Hi ! I lived with a sphynx for the past year and it was the most precious relationship. Now, I am interested in adopting one of my own! Based in the mountain town of Bishop, CA. The closest big cities are : Reno, LA, and Fresno. The bay is about 5 hours. I haven't found any available through...
  3. S

    Looking to adopt in New England!

    Hi! Long time lurker, first-time poster :) I've always wanted a sphynx cat and now am in a position where I'm seriously looking to adopt one! I've read up and want to make sure I'm getting a cat from a responsible and ethical cattery. I'm willing to drive to neighboring states (New York/ New...
  4. L

    Looking to adopt in AZ

    My fiancé and I are looking to adopt! We have decided it's time to add a special member to our family. We are located in PHX AZ and are willing to travel. We have a beautiful loft with lots of natural light and my fiancé works from home. He/she will receive lots of attention, love and affection.
  5. savmorri

    Found a cattery on Facebook

    Update on my journey to becoming a Sphynx mom! I recently have been looking for a reliable breeder with any upcoming litters and not crazy waitlists - never knew a waitlist could go on 3 years+! I stumbled across a cattery on Facebook. I have been messaging back and forth with the breeder...
  6. acduff


    Looking to adopt a Sphynx in NC. Willing to travel to surrounding states, will pay additional fees. I’m a vet tech and recently my favorite patient (Malfoy, a Sphynx) passed away and since falling in love with the breed I’d like to adopt in his honor. I’m aware of the work that goes into owning...
  7. C

    Looking to adopt near new mexico

    I would like to adopt a sphynx cat or kitten.
  8. Kbnature

    Looking to adopt in Virginia

    Hi! Looking to adopt in virginia area willing to travel or meet halfway if further out! - kbnature.
  9. KeriaAnnIsis

    Sphynx Adult and kittens looking for good homes

    We have had a hard time with money and family stuff and havnt been able to give them the attention and affection they deserve. Message for more details. No rehoming fee.
  10. D

    Whats up

    Not one to write a book but just want to say I'm new here and definitely interested and actively looking to adopt a Sphynx (in or around the Alexandria, VA area). My girlfriend has experience with these babies and desperately wants another but I am having trouble setting aside the amount of...
  11. H

    Looking to adopt a Sphynx kitten- willing to travel

    Hi, my name is Hannah and I live in Houston, Texas. I am looking to adopt a forever friend for my Sphynx kitten, Cleo. I prefer ages less than 2, but am open to all options. Please contact me with any available kitties @ [email protected] Thanks!!
  12. J

    Looking to adopt TEXAS

    Hello! Loving family looking to adopt a retired Sphynx or maybe one that just never got its home! I currently have a year and half male Sphynx who is extremely active and needs a buddy! Also have a super gentle 3yr old dog who lets my cat beat her up and she just lays there lol!! Looking in...
  13. cleverbutnot

    Looking to adopt a Female Sphynx!!

    Hey guys I am looking to adopt a Female Sphynx cat. I currently have a male sphynx who needs a little sister! I work full time at a bank and live alone so he's super lonely! I live in Colorado but I am willing to travel for the right cat. Any leads would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance...
  14. B

    Wishing to adopt in Southern California!

    Hello, Me and my wife just closed on our first house and would love to have a Sphynx or two to enjoy it with us! I would much rather adopt than buy from a breeder if we can help it, so I thought I'd try here first. We have been researching the breed for years now and feel very confident that...
  15. F

    Looking to adopt in IL and the surrounding area

    Hello everyone! I am looking to adopt/rescue a Sphynx baby into my world. I keep checking in shelters and foster homes, but it seems i am constantly just a little too late. I am not surr what else I should include in the post, but any help with finding one would be so greatly appreciated.
  16. Jx Yeomans

    Looking to adopt Co.

    Hello, We are looking to adopt or rescue in Colorado.
  17. Adam

    Looking to adopt in the DC Area

    Hello all, Me and my partner are still looking to provide a naked with a forever home. We live in the DC/MD/VA area and are more than willing to travel to provide a good home. We are a child and smoke-free home that doesn't have any other pets. We both have fairly flexible work schedules so...
  18. B

    ISO sphynx cat, Boston, willing to travel

    Hi everyone! I’m looking to adopt a Sphynx cat or kitten. I’m from Boston, have no pets (but did growing up!), and will travel anywhere for my future baby :) I’m in law school and have a lot of time at home to devote to a sweet Sphynx. thank you so much!
  19. Kali Kimball

    Looking to adopt a young or older sphynx

    My 1 1/2 year old Elf Sphynx, Koala is in need of a playmate. I am in Kansas City area. I'm open to rescue, rehome an older sphynx or someone that will let me make payments if I have to pay full cost. My baby boy just needs a sibling.
  20. JenRAWR 101

    ISO Sphynx near Pittsburgh, PA Area.

    Hello Sphynx Lair! I am I search of a kitten-young adult Sphynx to adopt/rescue. I had to make the painful decision of saying goodbye to my baby Jynx May 23rd of this year to Congestive Heart Failure and Kidney Failure... Loosing her left a void in our hearts and my boy Bynx. I think it is...
  21. Lacy Andry

    Looking to give a loving home in Kentucky

    I am new to this site and not sure if anyone is from Kentucky much less if there's a chance for an adoption/rescue here. Abit about me, I am a nurse and have such a passion for what I do, luckily I also only work two days a week. I have two children ages 2 and 5 that are constantly bugging me...
  22. E

    Looking to adopt a Sphynx in Nevada/California area

    Hello, I have always had a love of cats, however both my roommate and I have asthma and can no longer be around cats with hair. I absolutely adore Sphynx cats and would be looking to adopt either a kitten or an adult. We have no other pets so our cat would receive all of our attention and love...
  23. Kellybrooke

    Looking to take in and love any kittens or adults in need of home!

    located in California :)

    I'm looking to adopt/rescue 1-2 Sphynx cats (Male or Female) I'm in NY area and willing to travel.

    I'd love to adopt 2 Sphynx cats and give them an amazing home/life! I have a garden floor condo in brownstone with my own private backyard. I'm an animal advocate and lover. These cats will have a great life and will vacation & travel with me. Please contact me anytime as I promise I'll give...
  25. amhoneyliz

    Looking to adopt!

    hi ! My name is Amber, mom to the late ophelia(Cat) I am looking to adopt any kitty of any sex age weight, I am also willing to travel. I have been searching for a sphynx for about a year now, I started a few months after Cat had passed fromHCM. I am pretty attached to the idea of adopting...