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  1. Sheldon13

    What was the age(s) of your Sphynx(s) when they passed?

    By request, you will see a poll asking at what age your beautiful baby or babies passed away. We are wanting to see how long we are being blessed with their presences. (You can choose multiple responses). Please note the poll will not work on Tapatalk. If you are in Tapatalk you can click...
  2. Meggymason

    Too early to neuter?

    Hi there my sphynx is currently 15 weeks and will be neutered at 17 weeks. Is this too younger to neuter my kitten? He currently weighs 3.8 pounds
  3. Shannonartsy

    New to sphynx kitten questions

    Hello my name is Shannon and my boyfriend and I just recently put a deposit down on a beautiful 4wk old girl. Obviously we can't bring her home for a few weeks but I am curious about her markings and that she is quite fuzzy ( a lot more than I expected) her parents are Canadian sphynx and I got...
  4. ArkenBillsmom

    When is it too late to add a sphynx?

    Hello, It may take me a while to save up in order to get Bill a compainion. We would like to get a cat to get Bill out of our hair a bit (he loves my husband too much) and also add to our sphynx addiction. Bill is 8 months. Is there a time limit for getting a new sphynx? When is it too late to...
  5. Jacks153

    Cats & Cat Year Conversion! Did you know?!

    Cats and Cat Years Conversion Converting between cat years and human years isn't as simple as using a factor of 7 (as some people erroneously think with dogs, and sometimes cats). The main reason is that cats mature quickly in the first couple of years of life. To convert cat age to an...
  6. P

    How big do sphynx get, and what age do they reach full maturity?

    About a month ago I received my first sphynx kitten, Elvira. Shes about 13 weeks now and only weighs 2.7 pounds, I was wondering if someone could give me an idea if she is going to be a small, medium, or large cat? And when will she stop growing?