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  1. D

    Help! Black dots all over my boys stomach

    Always something new with my boy I’m not quite sure what this is. This is AFTER two baths, one with Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo and scrubbing with a mit, he used j&j his whole life, he’s 2 years old now. Then when I noticed this, I made him sit with a prescription shampoo on for a bit then...
  2. ShelleyBean

    Very oily

    Hello, Our baby gets very oily within a day or two after bathing. Especially on his chest and belly. I know it’s probably because it’s the warmest part of his body but this week was especially bad. I believe he’s also starting puberty so maybe that has something to do with it. He’s humping his...
  3. M

    Please help; Vaginal pimples ??

    Sorry, some people might feel uncomfortable with this picture... but I need help. I just noticed those black things on her varginal area today. I’ve never seen these before and was searching online but couldn’t find anything. Does anyone know what these are ? They look like blackheads. Nothing...
  4. KKristen61

    Kitty blackheads

    My sphynx has recently started getting little blackheads on her chin and I wanted to know if anyone els has had this problem and what the best way to deal with them would be? Thanks
  5. S

    Major Blackheads

    I just got a Sphynx cat a little while ago and the cat has major blackheads on his tail and chin. I don't want to try to squeeze them because it hurts him and you have to squeeze really hard so is there some sort of scrub I can use? The black heads are really hard and solid.
  6. Monica

    Blackheads and Bathing

    Down the rabbit hole of newbie questions we go! I’ve seen A LOT of posts/pics about sphynx tails with blackheads, both here and on other groups. I’m very particular, and would prefer not the deal with pimple popping... Here’s the newbie part: 1. Should I be actively doing something...
  7. Shane cooney


    Does anyone have any remedies for blackheads under the chin? I know not to squeeze them but bath time or wet wipes never seem to do the trick!!
  8. sarahandatari

    Sphynx Cat chin acne!

    Hello everyone! I am new to this site, as I created an account to have some help with this on going problem with my female Sphynx, Atari! she has pretty sever(?) acne. she has a ton of black heads on her chin, to the point where her skin underneath is turning blue from all the gunk! I can't...
  9. Ashley Drew

    Wrong Shampoo / Terrible Blackheads

    So My 3 Year Old Sphynx Gets Really Oily & Smells Like A Mushroom (I Bathe Him At Least Once A Week With Cat Shampoo) .. Since He's Now Out Of The Deemed "Teenager" Stage I Thought That They Would Be Gone But They Aren't .. He Gets Really BLACK Blackheads Under His Chin And Around His Lips ...
  10. siouxsie

    need a little help

    Hello all, just wondered if anyone can help, I have read a couple of posts regarding 'blackheads' but thaught as i have 2 problems I would post here. firstly our sphynx Cecil is about half a year old and he has two problems. The first being a servere case of blackheads.. and Im not just...
  11. SarahLovee82


    Starla has a pimple on her bottom lip! Anybody else have this happen to your kitties? Its a big white head. I dont know if I should just leave it alone or what.
  12. gothicmist


    Spencer only has them around his mouth. any ideas on how to get rid of them?