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brown spots

  1. Cassiopeiaa

    Brown spot on Sphynx's belly

    Hello, so this is my first post so bear with me. I have an almost 7-year-old sphynx with a brown spot on her belly. it is new, It does not seem to be raised, and it doesn't seem to bring her discomfort. No changes in food/litter/shampoo. I use odor lock litter, benzoyl peroxide shampoo [as...
  2. raelynn

    Growing brown spots on skin

    We've had our sphynx kittens for 2 weeks almost, and they're 16 weeks old. When we got them from the breeder, they had a rash and we were given chlorhexidine shampoo to use every other day. The rash cleared up, but both cats got what looked like freckles on the darker parts of their skin (no...
  3. Hillary

    Rash? Brown spots

    Hello, I'm just wondering if anybody has seen something like this before? Norman has had a rash/brown spots on his skin for most of the summer and its still going on. I have brought him to the vet 2 or 3 times now and they keep saying its seasonal allergies and prescribe him pills which do not...
  4. VictorFU

    Brown spots on the skin

    Hi all, my cat has some brown spots on his skin and they seem to be spreading. I paid a visit to the vet and the doctor said it was because of dirt and dry skin. I bathe him weekly and used Vetericyn on him once or twice a day, it doesn't seem to become better. Any recommendation on how to deal...
  5. Gray

    Help with some brown spots/soap recommendations

    Hello everyone, My Marcline has these small brown spots that I know are dirt spots, but I cant seem to get rid of them. We have tried all sorts of tricks online and even gently scrubbing with a glove loofa (so i can make sure Im not pressing too hard) and they just never go away. I have...
  6. gildedlily

    HELP: What are these brown spots?! (Pics)

    We bathe Prunella (Pru) once a month. We use Johnson and Johnsons baby shampoo and baby wash cloths. I have been noticing that Pru has been getting these brown spots all over her body. Mainly on the top of her body. Before we bathe her we cover her entire body in a thin layer of coconut oil...
  7. Hillary

    brown spots

    Hello! First time posting here:) but I was hoping somebody may have an answer for me as I've been worried about little brown spots on Normans paws lately. I have not changed his food in any way, He eats Halo organic chicken dry food and sometimes Halo wet food from time to time. I noticed...
  8. Elaina

    Brown spots on her legs?

    Hi all, Hope you and your sphynxs' are all well! :) Anyone have an idea to what this may be? Noticed these spots coming up under her arm, it's kind of on the skin fold joint. Recently been putting her in clothes as the weather is turning cold! I haven't changed anythinf in her diet or do I...
  9. Fester

    brown stains on teeth

    Morning all! When I took 5e to the vet for a herpes flair-up(he's doing fine), the vet noticed some brown stains on his teeth. After checking that the enamel was stained (i.e. not tartar), he pulled out his stack of medical texts, 'cause he had heard of something like that, but couldn't...