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  1. Sketch

    Skin inflammation

    Hello everyone, Since I had my Sphynx last october, I've had issues with his skin the the neck/belly area. He got very intolerant (liquidy diarrhea) to a lot of cat diets. I got him under the care of a vet and now the only thing that seem to work is a recipe made of Hillary's Blend nutrients...
  2. treefoil

    red bumps :-/

    Hey there, I might need your opinion on Tildas skin issues. (I read the skin-tutorial ;-P) I think it might be an allergy, but i cant find the connection in our daily habits. These spots came during the last year, and i didnt get it tested yet. shes not touchy on these spots, but I think shes...
  3. Kirsty

    Help! My sphynx has 'scars' all over but I think they're something else!

    I bought a kitten. I now believe from someone who I shouldn't. I noticed scars on the way home but hadn't noticed them in the house. Some were round so assumed ring worm scars and started asking some questions. Vet doesn't have a clue what they are and I'm now led to believe by a few breeders...
  4. PIXRSphynx

    Weird skin condition?

    My baby Petey will be 6yrs in May & for the last month I can't figure out his "rash" and no help from the vet. I have not changed food, litter, soap or detergent. Any suggestions on what this may be & what I can do would be great! It doesn't seem to bother him. He doesn't scratch @ it or lick @...