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  1. Kaitlynmason

    Week old kittens constipated

    Hello I have two 9 day old kittens. The first 7 days they ate and had BM 2 a day. As of two days ago they stopped having BM. They are on KMR formula. I’ve called my vet and they told me to try .. all the things I’ve been trying already. Adding more water to formula. Tummy massages. Stimulating...
  2. Kaitlynmason

    1 week old kittens constipated

    Hello! My 9 day old kittens have both stopped having BM at the exact same time.. up & until 48 hours ago they were having 2 a day. They are bottle fed KMR powder. I’ve tried stimulating them (as I’ve been doing from the beginning) adding more water to their formula. A couple of drops of olive...
  3. Oliver1992


    Good morning everybody! My poor boy is constipated. He’s currently fed wet and dry royal canin food He’s always been fine on this. Every mow and then he may go for a day without a poop, this time he’s not been for two days. He has a vet appointment today in an hour or so but just wondered if...
  4. Jackolyn

    Digestive Issues in 15 week old Kitten

    Hello there! This is going to be a LONG story, but alas, it still doesn't have a conclusion. I hope that this might help someone else out there, or if anyone has experienced something similar, please let me know. **I will be sure to keep this updated as new information arrives.** ---- I...
  5. Lola Dineen


    Hi all - I know there are threads on this and I have done some research, but want your expert advice! I am transitioning back to raw with both my boys (2 and a half yo brothers) - the transition time has been about 4 weeks now -- mixed canned and raw. In the past week and a half or so, both...