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  1. M

    Sphynx for adoption Southern CA

    Hi I am rehoming Sphynx’s that are FIP survivors and one currently in treatment. They are been fully vaccinated, dewormed, spay/neutered. Ideal home would be as only pets. I have tried to reintroduce them to my cats but they keep getting chased and its becoming stressful for them. They will need...
  2. Little Pumpkin

    Male vs Female Sphynx behavior ?

    Hiya everyone, i am Pumpkin ! I would like to know if there are noticeable behaviour differences between male and female sphynx ? As i will be welcoming my little gremlins in 1,5 month and it’s a female.
  3. B

    A male and female together

    I am in need of some advise please I have recently brought a female sphynx and would like to get her some company and potentially breed in the future, does anyone know if you can keep these two living in harmony if they are both around the same age ? Any advice would be much appropriate Thanks
  4. stephanysphynx


    So my girl had this rash appear this morning. There are only two causes I can think of. She just mated with a new male and I know the scratches on the back of the neck are normal but could they cause her to break out? Her butt/vag area is red and swollen looking. Could he have been sick or...
  5. NakedMeko

    Help with names...<sigh>

    My baby will be here in a few days, and I’ve literally spent hours online looking at baby names for girls - including unisex names. My brain hurts. Here are a few that I love: Greta (after Greta Thunberg) Violet Tova Scarlet Birdie Venus Please help! ✨‍♀
  6. cleverbutnot

    Looking to adopt a Female Sphynx!!

    Hey guys I am looking to adopt a Female Sphynx cat. I currently have a male sphynx who needs a little sister! I work full time at a bank and live alone so he's super lonely! I live in Colorado but I am willing to travel for the right cat. Any leads would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance...
  7. Nicole Nehrens

    ISO to rescue a sphynx and give it a loving home

    My mother is in love with the sphynx breed and after a ton of research, feels like she is ready to care for one. (I am writing this for her because she is not internet saavy.) She is located in Wisconsin, but is willing to travel. She would prefer a female, and pet/kid friendly. My mother is...
  8. Skinbabiez

    Ready to adopt again

    Hi there, I am looking to adopt a sphynx somewhere within 8 Hours drive time of North Carolina (do not want to ship due to stress issues). I do not have a preference of male versus female, or of age. I have owned a male sphynx before (photos attached) and after almost a year now am ready to own...
  9. Wyfwulf

    Spaying personality change?

    Today Sansa is getting spayed (most likely). I'm worried that it will change her personality, because even though she can be really crazy and gets into moods scratching everyone (playfully), it has grown on me and I don't want to see her any less rambunctious. Has anyone's female cat's changed...
  10. Trulyblessed324

    male or female? and best cat tree?

    I've been talking to a breeder for a little over a week now and she said she could put me on her waiting list, then she asked if I was looking for a male or a female. I wasn't sure what to say because i really don't know. any opinions on which gender is more loving or affectionate? I know I...
  11. Mckenzie

    Kittens aren't getting along

    Hi all! I recently adopted a 13 wk old male sphynx (Huey) and was so excited until I had to leave for work Huey was so talkative and it broke my heart , so I decided to get him a friend. Last night I adopted another (female) sphynx same exact age her name is Junie. I introduce them and all...
  12. pearlpollard

    Fatty pads after spay?

    Hey all! My almost 5 month old girl is starting to get lumps on her lower stomach. 2 lumps to be exact. They are on her lower stomach, kind of beside the inside of her back legs. I asked my breeder about it and she said its normal and it happens in a lot of female cats. She called it "like a...
  13. Joe

    Couldn't be neutered....now what ?

    I took Luci for her appointment at the vets just over a week ago. Unfortunately, she didn't take too well to the anesthetic, and the vet ruled the operation as too much of a risk. So, she can't be neutered, but what am I to expect now? Will she just be on heat a couple of times a year, or will...
  14. J

    I need a new loving home in IL

    Bella is a beautiful 3 year old female. She is very loving to me, tolerant to my husband, likes my daughter and hates my son for no apparent reason. I have watched him with her and he does nothing different than the rest of us and she hisses at him. She will bite (not hard) when she does not...