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  1. Raphael Grupilo

    My sphynx kitten was delivered with some health problems

    Hello! I've purchased a little sphynx kitten from a very good cattery, run by very responsible owners. However, within the 3 months the kitten has been with me I've found out that it has giardiasis, coronavirus and likely herpesvirus/calicivirus. He has nothing but some sneezing and creamy...
  2. Sammicarkeys

    I am constantly so worried about my cat and his health!

    I brought home my sweet boy a month ago. He is now 4 months old and weighs about 5 lbs. He didn't act out of the ordinary..but his poop smelled god awful. Well, it turns out that he had Giardiasis and Coccidiosis. Treated both and after his last dose he started having diarrhea with blood. Weird...
  3. Emma


    Hey guys I have a 1yr old sphynx names Rosie. In January I adopted a cat from the spca. Ever since then Rosie has been throwing up and pooping straight blood. My bathroom looks like a crime scene constantly. We have tried EVERYTHING. We have treated her for giardia, possible ibs with...
  4. Daphne

    Update on Zim

    Hi everyone! So a little bit ago I posted talking about my new little Zim's stomach issues. Since then, we figured out he had a bit of giardia (thanks to a post I found on here, not the vet.) Also, a couple members noticed that zim was a little underweight. We got him at 4 months old, and he was...
  5. DollyTheSphynx

    Constant tummy issues!!!

    Any help would be really appreciated. We have had constant issues with my dear Poppy's tummy. When I got her i thought she had giardia, which she then passed on to Dolly. When I had them tested they had colitis, giardia and tritrichomonas. They were both treated with anti biotics and were...
  6. Sphynx Asylum Mom

    New Sphynx Parents!

    Hello All! We brought home our first baby girl Hattie in late February and within a week we knew we needed to go back to the breeder and get her sister, who we names Sobe and brought home in late March. They were born in late August 2013. Our lives have been forever changed by these girls and...
  7. Gesundheit

    Nym has giardia!

    Here's the wiki account, so nobody has to go looking for it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giardia I had no idea it was so communicable, granted I knew little to nothing about it before, and I had little reason to be concerned about it. In many ways, I'm annoyed. I'm annoyed with myself for...
  8. skunkfoot

    My days revolve around poop!

    Hi, new here! Just got my first hairless baby last monday and everything has been going great except for the last few days. I noticed he had runny poop all over him after he went to the bathroom. His poops stink really bad and he farts constantly throughout the day lol. He probably poops about 4...
  9. admin

    Sphynx cat with Diarrhea (Giardia)

    What is Giardia you ask? If your Sphynx has these symptoms, chronic diarrhea, horrible smelly poop, soft stools, bloody diarrhea, and sometimes even vomiting it's quite possible they have Giardia. The parasite lives in the intestinal tract and causes damage to the intestines. Giardia is...