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  1. P

    Gotcha Day is finally here!

    Can't believe he's finally home!! We're absolutely smitten!! This really is a dream come true and it's more amazing than I ever thought it would be! It's only day 1 but I'm sooooo looking forward to the many many days we get to have with him!! <3 (sorry if I've added too many pics. It was hard...
  2. Adam

    Gotcha day is so close!

    This time Sunday we will be welcoming Winnie into our hearts and home! She is being adopted from a another member on here and we BEYOND excited! I have been following this site for a while and this has been a long journey but we finally have our first naked baby! I will be sure to post lots...
  3. jtkirk

    Brisbane Vet Recommendations

    Hey guys! Does anyone have any vets in/around Brisbane (Australia) with sphynx experience that they would recommend? We live right near the CBD so the more central the better. Our gotcha day is Saturday (!!!!!) and I am so excited getting everything ready! On a side note, we are bringing home...
  4. N

    Awaiting gotcha day(s)!!

    hello! I’m new here. I’ve loved the sphynx breed since I was young and I’m finally graduating and am able to have one!! I had settled on one but have since decided that he definitely needs a friend. I’m getting two male babies, one is a solid blue from a breeder in the UK, and one is a...
  5. Traci Smith

    *~*~FOUND OUR MOMMY!*~*~

    FOUND OUR MOMMY! Went back into my search 4 years ago to find the breeder I was trying to get a kitten from back then, and got a great reference to another breeder she works with! SO!!!! Here is mommy ASPEN! We have to wait for her scan in jan, so she won’t be preggers until late Jan-feb...
  6. sphynkles

    Meet my new baby Kilo Ren! (or Kilo for short!)

    Meet Kilo Ren! a blue eyed one year old boy with a white spot on his face! i just got him on november 4th. He is cuddly, chases dogs, climbs GINORMOUS cat trees, hides under my bed, takes smelly poos, purrs all night,and "silently" stalks guinea pigs! i don't know what colour he is, so if you...
  7. Rhianne


    GOTCHA DAY IS HERE! We picked up our little baby this morning and she's an absolute joy. Within 5 minutes of us arriving home with her she was playing, exploring and asking for cuddles. I feel so lucky to have her and can't wait for our lives together. Kiwi is brave, curious and most of all full...
  8. Gotcha day is so close!

    Gotcha day is so close!

    Gotcha day got pushed back a day because the plane got cancelled so instead of getting them tonight, we're getting them tomorrow. They're getting ready for the ferry at the moment :) @ludwigandsabbath
  9. Shannonartsy

    my gotcha day!

    Hello there yesterday was a big day for us, we finally got our new baby Mew! Our story started in mid September when we first picked her from a batch of two litters born here in Denver close to home. The second I saw her little face and perfect stripes I had to have her. It has been a long...
  10. lynda hollis


    We have our baby in the car right now as I type this! She's doing so well laying on my lap. I'm sure she's anxious and nervous as well though. We have plenty of toys at the house to welcome her to her furrever home. She loves us already, rubbing all over me and even my boyfriend when he allows...
  11. BusterTheCat

    Yesterday was Gotcha day!!!!!

    We welcomed Dunkin into the family yesterday and he's doing AMAZING! He's super playful and is just having a blast with all of the toys we put in his room. We will be keeping him in one room of the house for the first week and will slowly be introducing him to our other cats during that time...
  12. BusterTheCat

    Officially an expecting mother!

    Hello all! It has recently become official that I will be the new mommy of a little baby boy! Buster, my 9 year old, is our only Sphynx but we are happily adding to the family! I am flying to Virginia this Friday to visit the guy and I am planning on posting photos when I get there! I want to...
  13. HybridSphynx

    Gotcha day gone wrong/questions HELP!

    So i told everyone i would post pics of my gotcha day and how everything went. Well i only got a few.... things did not go well. I did receive Illusion but as i feared she hates my guts and she does not like my boyfriend. she growls at us if we pick her up to do her nails (we just did them and...