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health questions

  1. Cassiopeiaa

    Brown spot on Sphynx's belly

    Hello, so this is my first post so bear with me. I have an almost 7-year-old sphynx with a brown spot on her belly. it is new, It does not seem to be raised, and it doesn't seem to bring her discomfort. No changes in food/litter/shampoo. I use odor lock litter, benzoyl peroxide shampoo [as...
  2. Sarahstar66

    Sores and Diarrhea - please help

    my Sphynx has had chronic diarrhea for the past week. Her bath night was tuesday. This morning I noticed sores on her sides. Last night she had an diarrhea accident on our rug because it was like she couldnt make it to her box. She is not acting lethargic or “sick” but shes just pooping all...
  3. Tamsin

    is my rescue from a kitten farm??

    hi! Just wondering if anyone had ever had a similar experience. My partner and myself recently rescued a two year old female called Cleo who seemed on the surface to be from a loving home, a ‘regrettable’ rehome. After the first meeting it became apparent that she was two, unspayed and...
  4. meekka

    My 1st sphynx, a 14yold resuce

    I work at a shelter and have always loved the breed so of course I jumped at the chance to adopt when one was turned in a few weeks ago. Gali is ~14, her original owner passed away and she was being kept by another family member who unfortunately was not able to provide the amount of...
  5. Hkay

    Sphynx Baby Hope Sick ( 1 years old)

    My baby Hope started feeling sick two days ago I figured it was allergies, because she has to get an allergy shot every now and then. And I noticed it looks like she has another ear infection. She is smeezing but not a lot. She usually lays in the bed with me under the covers but the past two...
  6. carly gail

    Throwing up, sneezing, and wheezing OH MY!

    Hi friends, I'm getting a little worried about my Baldy boy. He's been throwing up a few times a month- now about 3 times just this week. I thought it was due to my roommates cats food, but he hasn't had access to that the last few days and he threw up yesterday. It isn't from eating too fast...
  7. HerculesSphynx


    I am going away on vacation tomorrow and I am just now noticing my little man's odd spots that have appeared. Does anyone know what these are? My first thought was Ringworm, but I am not sure! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help if you have any idea what this could be.