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  1. Sphynx Cleo

    change in behavior at sitters

    I’m not sure what happened in Cleo’s head. She’s had the same sitter since she was 2 weeks new to me, she was raised by his dogs and when I watched them all together two weeks ago she was fine. She loves the female dog, the wrestle and sometimes they get a little rough and need a half hour break...
  2. Rkgxo

    New sphynx kitten

    Hello everyone! I got a lovely wee sphynx boy a week ago and he seems to be settling in well! Managed to use his litter tray well and eating well too (not drinking much but I hear that’s ok) As of yesterday afternoon he seems to be a bit “off” he meowed and hissed at me cause I was moving his...
  3. Bogeycat

    Sudden aggression?

    Hello.. I have a sphynx named Bogey he is 1.5 years old. He is consistently adorable and sweet, purring on me and he sleeps with me every night. Yesterday I took him on his harness into the front yard because once a week I like to get him outside just to look around. He is an indoor cat we don't...
  4. S

    Sudden Aggression Problem

    Hello everyone! I'm new so hopefully I am starting this thread correctly and you guys can see it. Anyways, I'm having some behavioral problems with my sphynx that I would love some suggestions on how to correct if anyone has ideas or has experienced a similar issue. I'll give some background...
  5. Mckenzie

    Kittens aren't getting along

    Hi all! I recently adopted a 13 wk old male sphynx (Huey) and was so excited until I had to leave for work Huey was so talkative and it broke my heart , so I decided to get him a friend. Last night I adopted another (female) sphynx same exact age her name is Junie. I introduce them and all...
  6. Molly Pearl

    Advice on behavior change

    Hello all! I'm seeking some advice on some behavior change we've seen from Sturgeon the last two weeks. He's started hissing at our littlest, Walter. Mostly it seems like he's telling Walter to back off or stay away from a particular spot by the window that he has claimed as his own. Sturgeon is...
  7. snuggs213

    Help, my cats are upset after daycare!

    Hey everyone, I apologize for not posting in such a long time. I had gotten very ill and unfortunately I was never on my computer. :( Last week I took both Rusty and Meg to a very cool daycare here in Los Angeles, CA. I explained to them Rusty's temperament, and how he is very timid. I requested...